Tree of Life - Medium

Tree of Life - Medium

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Crystal Trees of Life are also known as Feng Shui Trees.Feng shui is a practice that connects our homes to nature and its cycles. One way that we can bring nature into our homes is by incorporating images and symbols of natural elements, including trees.

Since natural crystals are so popular these days, many practitioners today like to use them as feng shui objects because of their energetic properties. If crystals resonate with you, they are beautiful tools that you can use in your home with feng shui intentions.

Feng Shui Crystal Trees use crystal, wood or metal as the base of the crystal tree, copper wire as the trunk and branches of the crystal tree, and various crystals as the leaves of the crystal tree, splicing out the shape of the tree of life. The tree of life represents energy, the crystal represents healing, and the crystal tree heals us with the energy of the crystal while decorating the room. Different crystals represent different effects.

The particular stones on the tree help to manifest what you wish for in your life as well as help to balance areas of your home with crystal Feng Shui Trees of Life.

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