Our story begins with the end of the Mayan Calendar and all the prophecies that came along with that. What was prophesied as the end was just a new beginning for humanity as a whole. With this new energy our story at Bagua Center and the magical tree in the garden began.


After almost a year of renovating and creating a spectacular space, Bagua Center was finally open. This was not only a spiritual store were you could buy crystals and incense but a spiritual space to enlighten your mind, body and soul. Through Bagua Center the community grew connecting different modalities from all over of the world. We had Shamans from Peru, Monks from Tibet, Reiki Masters from Japan, we were able to unite not only people but the souls of those people. Great things were happening to humanity and the planet as a whole.


As we reveled in our newfound consciousness the world yet again had a shift and life as we knew it changed forever. The pandemic brought with it many new ways to view old forms of living. Many families were broken, many families were united and many although far away were more connected than ever. Due to the world being shut down new technological ways of communicating were created which united people on a grander scale. The year 2020 definitely marked an end and a beginning and the world would never go back to how it used to be.


In June of 2022 the physical doors at Bagua Center officially closed. We hope that everyone who has been with us throughout the years will continue to be there. As Bagua Center looks onto the future with hope, we wish to continue servicing the community in all ways possible. We are dedicated to everyone searching for consciousness.


Bagua Center‘s mission is to inspire and empower all those searching for the universal consciousness in themselves and in humanity. With the help of our healers and our healing tools anyone can find peace within. Self-love is possible if and when you’re willing to put in the work to evolve from the inside out.