Collector AAA Clear Quartz with Tourmaline 1.95kg

Collector AAA Clear Quartz with Tourmaline 1.95kg

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This piece combines the cleansing nature Clear Quartz and strengthening grounding properties of Tourmaline. 

Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile crystals in the world. It is a Master Healer and is beneficial in almost any emotional and spiritual situation. Clear Quartz helps cleanse your mind of any negative thoughts and emotions you might be going through. Another great benefit of Clear Quartz is how it amplifies the properties of those crystal around it. 

Black Tourmaline are truly symbols of strength, it is so strong that many crystal healers believe it is strong enough to over come addictions. It helps eliminate negative thoughts that can potentially be harmful to the person and excessive worrying. 

The stone helps increase physical vitality, increasing energy levels and helping function on a higher level. Black Tourmaline is a great replacement for stress and tension. It helps view the world more objectively, allowing for clearer, more rational thoughts.

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