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Paloma Gallardo

AstroPaloma is a Feng Shui Master, BAZI Chinese Astrologer expert and Life Coach through her own Soul Awakening Program and Conscience Evolution. A motivational speaker, author, and teacher. Consulting and serving clients on line,  directly at their Miami homes and business and International Properties at any point of development, with over 20 years of experience.  She is trained directly in Asia, North America, Canada, and Mexico with multiple Grandmasters. She is known for life transforming consultations using the 3 most powerful forms of Chinese Metaphysics: (Heaven’s Luck) Bazi Astrology to diagnose, (Earth’s Luck) Feng Shui to change your environment and provide a cure, and (Human’s luck) The Power of your Mind to act as catalyst.  A true expert in all schools of authentic Feng Shui and Qi Mapping.


AstroPaloma’s mission is to help raise the vibration of humanity teaching how to understand and make use of energy, better known as Qi/Chi. Transform your lives and make positive changes in matters related to wealth, health, relationships, well wellbeing and spirituality.  “If you want to change yourself, you have to change your environment”.  “Energy (Qi/Chi) is free, we need to learn how to align ourselves with a better frequency to start resonating with a higher vibration through the powers of metaphysics!” Also, after suffering severe trauma, AstroPaloma went through her own healing journey, learning how to help heal others during their spiritual awakening and ascension process. Through her Soul Awakening program, she can help you heal trauma, release karma, give closure to  soul cycles and find your inner light. Insight to help you forgive, liberate your mind, and achieve cellular freedom, wellbeing, balance, harmony, and a happy and fulfilled life. Empower you, make you believe, find your right path in life, understand your soul imprint, give you comfort, motivation and encouragement. Only guiding you with personalized, precise knowledge and wisdom to find solutions in many areas of your life. Take the correct action, at the right time, at the right place with the right mindset for a successful and plentiful life.


Bazi Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui go hand in hand, they are complimentary, one acts as a diagnose, the other as a cure; the only missing piece is you, with your manifesting power. Determined to bring this Ancient Wisdom from Asia to this part of the Americas. Bilingual in English and Spanish, AstroPaloma was able to pull herself out of a dark whole into the light and now she wants to help others achieve their endeavors and fulfill their desires.

Is your house supporting you or obstructing you? Is it the right time to invest, open a business, find love? How to improve your health? What is your true purpose in life? What is the best action to take at this specific moment in time?  How can you feel better, find harmony and be the best version of your self? These are some of the questions easily answered using Metaphysics. If you raise your vibration, you will become a contagious mass of energy that will create a magnetic field attracting anything you want to co-create your reality.


  • Classic Feng Shui Mastery in Xuan Kong Flying Stars; at the Central Academy of Feng Shui, Singapore; with Grand Master Francis Leyau Yoke Sai, direct disciple in the 4th generation of the Tan’s School of San Yuan Feng Shui.  (2013)
  • Feng Shui Mastery (4 modules completed) at the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Malaysia, with acclaimed Grand Master, world renown speaker, author and founder Joey Yap.  (2015)
  • BaZi Mastery Course (Chinese Astrology) at the East West Academy, Vancouver, Canada; with renown Master and BaZi expert Marlyna Los. (2016)
  • Transform Fate into Destiny, Advance BaZi (Chinese Astrology) at the East West Academy, Vancouver, Canada; with renown Master and BaZi expert Marlyna Los. (2018)
  • Certified Interior Decorator (CID)