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We offer daily workshops and classes, private sessions, lectures and special events with experienced practitioners designed to assist you on your journey in self-discovery. There is something for everyone’s journey of self-exploration and growth.

The space is held as sacred and we have serene treatment rooms, classrooms and a beautiful garden for outdoor events and classes. Our retail store is designed to provide instruments that assist in energy healing.

Service is a mindset and it applies to all those around us, our customers and those we work with. Performing at our best, we serve our customers by providing excellent customer service so they can focus on their healing and we serve our fellow working associates by contributing towards a healthy team environment. This uplifts all those that we come into contact with as a representation and alignment with Bagua Center’s mission.

We are looking to hire someone who resonates with our company culture and who has a personal interest in the services and merchandise Bagua Center has to offer. Please ensure this is of interest to you prior to applying for a position.

For all applications, please attach an updated resume with a brief explanation of why you are looking to apply to the job position and why you feel you would be a good candidate and fit for the position. We confirm employment history and review references prior to hiring.