Paloma Gallardo (Astro Paloma)


Paloma is a Feng Shui Master and Chinese Astrologer BAZI expert, with over 15 years of experience serving clients. She trained in Asia with multiple Grand Masters. She is known for life-transforming consultations due to her ability to diagnose through the use of Chinese Astrology and to provide a change or cure with the use of authentic Feng Shui and Qi Mapping.


Paloma’s mission is to help people transform their lives and make positive changes in matters related to wealth, health, and relationships.

“If you want to change yourself, you have to change your environment. You have to align yourself with good and prosperous energy known as Qi, to resonate with it and absorb its positive vibrations.”

Is your house supporting you or obstructing you? Is it the right time to invest, grow, find love, or have surgery? These are some of the questions easily answered by the use of Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui combined together and by teaching clients the appropriate action to take that will lead to success.


Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui go hand-in-hand in creating a powerful method of transformation. The use of Feng Shui in Paloma’s life over 20 years ago has helped her find true love and a plentiful life. Because of this, she dedicated her career to try to help others achieve their goals and understand the energy fluctuations in their personal lives and their surroundings. Growing in knowledge and determined to only learn from authentic Masters, Paloma feels the need to bring to the Western part of the world this powerful metaphysical art / science, by teaching and practicing real theories based in a deep study and analysis of Qi mapping, or the energy flow surrounding our lives.


  • Classic Feng Shui Mastery in Xuan Kong Flying Stars; at the Central Academy of Feng Shui, Singapore; with Grand Master Francis Leyau Yoke Sai, direct disciple in the 4th generation of the Tan’s School of San Yuan Feng Shui.  (2013)
  • Feng Shui Mastery (4 modules completed) at the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Malaysia, with acclaimed Grand Master, world renown speaker, author and founder Joey Yap.  (2015)
  • BaZi Mastery Course (Chinese Astrology) at the East West Academy, Vancouver, Canada; with renown Master and BaZi expert Marlyna Los. (2016)
  • Transform Fate into Destiny, Advance BaZi (Chinese Astrology) at the East West Academy, Vancouver, Canada; with renown Master and BaZi expert Marlyna Los. (2018)
  • Certified Interior Decorator (CID)