The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

As the largest planet in our solar system, named after the Roman God of the sky, or Zeus in Greek Mythology, Jupiter represents expansion, abundance, and the quest for higher knowledge. Its influence encourages us to broaden our horizons, embrace new experiences, and seek wisdom in all its forms. In the realm of Taurus, an earth sign known for its stability, practicality, and connection to the material world, Jupiter’s presence invites us to explore the depths of our values, cultivate a deeper sense of security, and expand our resources through grounded, tangible means.

That being said, as Jupiter is the planet of expansion, it tends to amplify anything it touches. Excess, indulgences, and extremism are also associated with Jupiter. This is especially important as it relates to its upcoming connection with Uranus.

Uranus, named after the lighting God, is the planet of revolution, innovation, and eccentricity, which is no surprise at it sits tilted way on the side of its axis. It's distinctly unpredictable loves to break the rules, challenge the powers that be, and disrupt the status quo. 

Conjunctions occur when planets meet in the same exact point in the sky, creating a dynamic fusion of the planets at play, that transforms into a single energetic expression. And, since Jupiter’s keyword is “more” and Uranus’ is “revolution,” we can infer what this cosmic coupling implies: more revolution.

On a personal level, consider how the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction can generate your own personal revolution. Taurus is associated with values, so consider how yours are transforming. Maybe your priorities are going through their own metamorphosis?


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