What is Tantra?

Tantra gained its popularity among westerners, with the common notion of it as “sacred sex”. While Tantra can be used for sexuality, there is more to it than just a superlative sexual experience.

Tantra is a spiritual discipline and practice that promises inner peace, elevated vision, abundance in life, and bliss to the practitioner who accepts Tantra as a path.

Tantra is a path of expansion, accepting all of life as an opportunity for growth.

Origins of Tantra

The word “Tantra” is Sanskrit and means to weave, to expand and to transform through methods.

Teachings of Tantra have been traced through the scriptures of Shiva, a Tantric Master who lived about 7000 years ago in India. The tantric tradition is associated with the religion of Shiva and Shakti, commonly known as Shaivism.

Tantra as a Path

Tantra is a path of self expansion. It is a path of purification of the mind, body, and spirit. Tantra as a spiritual path can lead one to a spiritual awakening and place them in a state of higher consciousness. The practitioner will then attract the abundance of knowledge, inner peace, elevated vision, and awareness.

Possessing higher-consciousness allows the practitioner to discover their mind, body, and emotions in a more refined potential.

Tantra Transformation

Tantric practices allow the practitioner to transform themselves through the increasing economic power to stimulate certain areas of the body and of the psyche with the abundance of the universe. This can help the practitioner to transform poison into nectar, turning hate into love, anxiety into peace and noise into quiet.

Tantra will clean the practitioner of his egotistical desire, anger, envy, etc.

Tantra for Sexuality

Through Tantra, the Shiva, the man, or the Shakti, the woman, can experience multiple orgasms without ejaculation, without losing energy commonly lost in sex. Instead, energy increases consistently.

However, tantra for sexuality does not require a combination of a man and a woman or both genders. Tantra is about energy and can be exchanged without physical sex.

Through the activation of tantric formula of energy and consciousness help multi-orgasmic power become a tool of creation.

Learning More About Tantric Yoga

Tantra, like any other skill, requires knowledge and practice. The tantric discipline is a magical experience that no words will suffice to explain. To achieve it, however, one must be taught by a highly-qualified teacher with a deep understanding of the tantric tradition.

Guillermo Ferrera, Writer, therapist, mystic, author of 23 books translated into English, Greek, German, French, Chinese, Serbian, Russian, Romanian and Portuguese. His books are a valuable contribution for people to improve their quality of life.

Among his works are the three best-selling novels of the Trilogy of Light: “The Secret of Adam”, “The Secret of Eve” and “The Secret of God” as well as “The Art of Tantra” About sexuality.

Researcher of ancient civilizations and ancestral cultures. Specialized in holistic philosophy and transpersonal psychology. It teaches about spirituality, quantum physics, meditation, mysticism, yoga, esotericism, alchemical sexuality, emotional healing and the advances in the field of consciousness, from a scientific-spiritual angle and with a great dose of humor.

He has also been a Master of Tantra Yoga since 1991. More than 500,000 people have taken Guillermo’s personal transformation workshops.

He teaches courses and conferences in Mexico, the United States, Spain, Greece, England, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and several countries where he is hired to share an extensive experience and a revolutionary method of Spiritual Enlightenment.

He also writes articles for newspapers and is frequently invited to television and radio programs. He currently works with a broad group of people interested in cell nutrition for energy and DNA activation in several countries around the world.

Be a part of this wonderful experience and unlock your mind, body and spiritual potential and be transformed.

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