The Great "I AM THAT I AM" - How Your Words Create Worlds

There are many times in our lives when we talk to God not realizing he answers our prayer through different life circumstances. We live in a world with constant change and adversities, we make decisions based on what we want for ourselves and it is a constant challenge putting God at the center of our lives. How do you know where God is? In the Bible, Moses found him as a sacred fire in a burning bush, and God told him, ‘“I AM THAT I AM… This is my name forever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.”

In the spiritual world, the term God can mean the creator, the source or the universe. Although the references come from the Bible, we want everyone to understand that there is love for all of us, regardless of the branch of faith we resonate with most.



I AM THAT I AM is more than a name, it has such immense power, and it is a statement of God’s being. It is said that man is a temple, and within man is the temple of the heart that you can find God. It is also said that the part of you that connects directly to the spiritual realms is called your higher self. That part of you is in touch with the Divine being which transcends in our everyday consciousness. Gaining the consciousness of your higher self works wonders on your life.

Understanding the connection between what you think about yourself and how it manifests in reality, is key in this concept. Connecting with your highest self, the one that is directly connected to your source is what allows us to really speak empowerment into our lives through such sacred knowledge.

How-Your-Words-Create-WorldsThe Power of Words

Words have an immeasurable significance. With words, God was able to create the universe and everything in it. When you say ‘I am’, it could only be said by none other than yourself. You are “I am” and this is your real identity. By saying “I am” you are announcing the presence of God within you, and you make your destiny and fate by the choice of words you attach to that ‘I am’. Remember, whatever you attach to “I am”, you become. It has the power to free you if you know how to use it. Accept the fact that you are inspired, loving, harmonious, peaceful, happy and strong. The power of these words will resurrect these qualities within you that have gone dormant as you try to fight for your survival.

This is the reason why affirmations are so powerful. Creating affirmations that empower you to be who you want to be and feel what you want to feel creates energy that is positive and motion forward. When we complain, we are actually confirming and attracting that energy just as much as we call forth positive energy through optimistic, joyous words.


Speak It and Declare It

Every time you say, “I am one with God,” you are actually claiming the gift of God to you that is a life filled with meaning. Every time you fight fear and every time you entrust your life in God, you are actually lengthening your life. Limiting disease, resulting to good health and leading to a more sensible life.

Speaking all the positive things that you want to attract is key. Speak “I AM” followed by the feeling or action or statement that declares your blessings. Even if you do not see the evidence of that affirmation being true just yet, know that with your words you call forth the positive intention for yourself.

Having faith means that you can declare yourself worthy of being all that you desire. “I AM” is so powerful because it is not, “ I will” or “I was”.  But instead "I AM" in the present tense so that you may immediately “be” all that is behind your words and intention. And so it is….


Meditation Connects You To Your Higher Self

When you breathe in and begin to connect to your higher self, a limitless potential opens up. Meditation enables you to realize various abilities and creativity you didn’t know existed within you. Practicing with a group is helpful, it enables you to focus on stillness and the present moment. 

Click here and connect with your higher self while meditation to the sound of drums with Fernando Subirats.

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