What is Sound Healing?

There are many forms of healing that can be achieved through gentle, natural methods. The ancient civilizations and the Eastern Cultures have been utilizing some of these methods for centuries, such as Crystal Healing and Sound Healing or Vibrational Medicine.

This week we will discover the basics of Sound Therapy, particularly in relation to Singing Bowl Therapy.

So what is exactly is sound therapy? What are crystal or singing bowls and how is sound produced by this instrument? Where does it originate from and what are some indications for sound therapy? In this article we will explore together what this activity entails and what the benefits of sound therapy can do for you.



The people of Tibet around the Himalayan Mountains have practiced and perfected the art of sound therapy through the use of Singing Bowls. Singing Bowls, are indeed shaped in the form of a bowl, made from various metals such as bronze, crystals and quartz. The bowls are traditionally hand crafted and sounds can be described similar to the strike of a gong or bell but distinctly different in it’s intensity and duration. Unlike bells or other percussion instruments, the bowl produces sound when the rim is rubbed in a circular manner with a mallet.

Ancient cultures used the sound from these bowls to guide transcendental meditation and consciousness transformation. Although we know the uses and general location, no one knows the exact origin or can credit the discovery to one individual.

How does sound therapy work?

The vibrational sound, or resonance, produced by a singing bowl is not only beautiful to listen to but has a physical benefit to the listener. The resonance can be an immune booster, stress reducer, pain reliever and lower blood pressure. Because every living beings, non living beings, and even thoughts emit a vibration. There forth the resonance from a Singing Bowl can be used to influence our vibration.

Once considered an alternative therapy, a mystical school or just plain “kooky”, sound therapy has gained medical recognition in the modern world from renowned physicians, such as Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, director of medical oncology and integrative medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York.

Dr. Gaynor found that when he introduced the resonance of Singing Bowls to his cancer patients as a regular regime, the patients immune systems were stimulated and began to mimic healing. Dr. Gaynor concluded that just 20 minutes of Sound Therapy was enough to produce healing effects in the biochemical makeup of the human body, such as Immunoglobulins and Interleukin.

What is a Session Like?

With all of the benefits of Sound Therapy so clearly evident, you may wish to find your local Sound Therapist ASAP. A typical session can last anywhere from 30 -75 minutes or longer and performed by an experienced practitioner. You can expect to be laying down comfortably on the floor on cushions, blankets or yoga mats. Wear comfortable clothing that is loose fitting and allows for movement freely. Hydration is highly recommended following the session so be sure to bring a bottle of water with you. The practitioner will guide you gently with the intentions of the session and gently get you acquainted with the “sound of the universe manifesting” through the resonance of the Singing Bowl. You can expect to leave feeling relaxed, rested and profoundly peaceful. Most who experience Sound Therapy with Singing Bowls to lose sense of time and lightness with the body, a freeing of heavy thoughts and clarity.



Vibrational Healing performed with Crystal Bowls is an experience that everyone can benefit from because of the gentle, non invasive methodology, almost anyone, regardless of age, health condition or emotional distress can benefit from the resonance of Singing Bowls. With more and more practitioners becoming more widely available geographically, there is no need to travel to the Himalayan Mountains for this unique and breakthrough experience.

Sound Therapy should be used as a compliment to your existing healthcare routine and not as a replacement or substitute to medical treatment. In addition to healthy eating, exercise and regular check ups, using Sound Therapy to encourage inner healing and alignment is something we can all incorporate and benefit from. With increased medical and scientific studies to support Vibrational Healing, we can expect to “hear” a lot more about Singing Bowls.

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