Soul Mates: Do They Exist?

Dating and relationship building can be a difficult process and if your karmic levels don’t sync up with your partner’s, there may be issues down the road. There are far too many couples that tend to “settle” with someone with whom they don’t really connect. The key to building a happy life with someone is connection at a spiritual level.

But do these connections actually exist? Is the concept of “soul mates” simply a happy thought that people have when regarding relationships? Or is finding your soul mate actually possible and if so, what is the way to find them?


Profound Connection

As we are all aware, great relationships begin with a connection between two people. Your parents met and had some kind of connection, as did your grandparents and so on. The importance of those connection is why you are here reading this today. No matter if people merely met on the street or have known each other for a long time, there is no doubt that a deep connection is possible to establish.

The connections that are made with soul mates are often very powerful and almost instant. As Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, said, in a karmic sense, “your soul mate is the most important person you’ll ever meet because they tear down your walls and smack you awake.” The feeling of instant connection is karma pushing you towards a necessary relationship in your life.


Who Can Be A Soul Mate?

Finding your soul mate and manifesting your true love usually means finding a special someone with whom you can spend the rest of your life. However, it has been said that soul mates come into our lives in order to teach us something about ourselves.

Soul mates are meant to fill a spiritual role in helping us see the aspects of ourselves that are hidden, commonly known as our “shadow side”. In this vein, finding your soul mate could mean you simply need to find that person with whom you need to learn a lesson. Once that lesson is learned or that spiritual debt is repaid, the relationship will have fulfilled its duties.

It has also been said that the soul mate connection doesn’t have to be limited to one person nor has to be romantic. As long as the relationship makes you feel positive, instantly uplift the spirit, or give you a boost from within, that relationship can be considered one between soul mates.


Why Is the Feeling So Strong?

People who have found their soul mate often talk about the instant feeling they get when they meet their soul mate. There is a Chinese idea of the “red thread of fate”, which dictates that lovers are destined to be together. If karma has decided that you are to be joined in life, then you will feel something very profound within your soul. This is what manifesting your true love means: trusting your heart and intuition to guide you to that special someone.

Rarely is anyone ready for this feeling. It is an unsettling, destabilizing, and ungrounding feeling for anyone that has not practiced enough grounding and self love and acceptance. This is because of how strong the connection is between you and your soul mate. It’s stronger than any connection you’ve ever had, and fate is dictating that you pursue it. This is a time, more than ever, that knowing your authentic self can assist in grounding the connection so that it is not such an overpowering experience. There are many ways to stay grounded through this experience so that you can bask in the love of this divine union.


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