Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Past Life Regression

What Is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

Have you been looking for answers to questions that seem unanswerable? Are you going through a difficult time in your life and find that nothing or no one is able to help solve your problem? You aren’t alone. Many people in Miami are facing similar crises and are searching for any means to find answers.

You are far less likely to find answers to your questions through modern medicine as you are through more natural therapies. Spiritual services in Miami have become much more favorable for that very reason. If you have been trying to find balance in your life, we recommend a quantum healing hypnosis technique session with our trained practitioner.


What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (or QHHT) is guided hypnotherapy with a focus on the subconscious mind in order to find compassionate and appropriate support and understanding for life’s difficulties. QHHT sessions are typically between 2 and 2 ½ hours long.

How does it work?

QHHT practitioners induce participants into a somnambulistic state, which only occurs right before you’re consciously awake and right before you fall asleep. Once the patient is in this state, their subconscious can be tapped.

The practitioner gains all the access they need to help the patient with their troubles through the subconscious. The practitioner asks questions of the subconscious in order to perform a past life regression. These past life regressions are an integrated process that takes the patient to the deepest levels of their conscious being. The individual is regressed and guided through a past life and throughout various periods of that past life by the practitioner. It’s not uncommon for multiple lives to be explored during one session, and each past life is relevant to the current life the individual is currently living.


Is it Safe?

Energy healing treatments like QHHT or regular hypnotherapy are completely safe. Hypnotherapy is completely non-intrusive and the individual is always in control. The subconscious is being tapped during a past life regression through quantum healing hypnotherapy techniques. The wonderful thing about the subconscious is that it is always on your side. It knows everything about you and the life you’re living now, and will only share information that is appropriate to share at that time. It will never act against you or your best wishes and will not leave you exposed.

Those who have taken the treatment will often remember only bits and pieces of the experience afterwards. This is similar to when you wake up after a long night of dreaming and can only remember snapshots. Each session is recorded for the patient’s benefit.


How is it beneficial?

Spiritual services vary in terms of how they help patients, but QHHT has been proven to give its patients a supremely beneficial experience with only one session. Other places that provide energy healing in Miami will often take more than one session to even scratch the surface of the patient’s issue.

The power of the past life regression and quantum healing hypnosis technique is their ability to tap into the subconscious. Practitioners ask the subconscious what the problems are, determine the causes of those problems, and then ask if it’s suitable for the healing to occur. If it is, the healing occurs instantaneously and without medication, surgery, pain or repeat visits.

It should be noted that healing will only occur if the person is willing to allow QHHT to work for them. Unwilling participants will find the treatment dysfunctional. Opening your mind to this kind of energy healing in Miami will allow you to experience the many benefits it can provide.

Some health benefits that quantum healing hypnosis technique has aided include: curing various cancers; healing heart conditions without surgery; regenerating deteriorated livers and kidneys; healing open wounds; and curing diabetes while explaining the cause. Other benefits of this form of spiritual service in Miami involve relief from psychosomatic ailments such as depression, addiction, anxiety and phobias.

QHHT has been proven to explain current difficulties and challenges while helping find solutions, as well as determining the cause of runaway emotions, and overwhelming fears and anxieties. It can aid in understanding difficult relationships, and can even help one locate lost items – or even lost time. Overall, quantum healing hypnotherapy technique can help lost souls find direction.

If you are interested in pursuing QHHT or other options for energy healing in Miami, Bagua Center is available to fulfill your needs. Bagua’s own Evie Michelle trained under QHHT guru Delores Cannon and is an expert in performing past life regressions. Contact us today to free yourself from your troubles.





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