Oracle, Angel & Tarot Card Learn the Differences

For years, we have longed to understand how the universe works. We have an innate curiosity for where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going. We want to get to know our past lives and our future selves at the same time.

Having a sense of where one is karmically through the use of cards is a time honored tradition and stills continues to be very popular today. One way we have tried to discern our past and future is through the use of sacred cards. These sacred cards usually come in 3 different forms: tarot, angel, and oracle. But what are the differences between the decks of cards that are used to give us a better understanding of these past and future experiences?


Angel Cards

Have you ever experienced or sensed a higher being? Perhaps you have had something go extremely well in a business venture or in your love life and thought that it may have been sent from another plane? If you have ever thought these thoughts, then you are more than likely a perfect candidate for angel card readings.

If you have ever acknowledged that you aren’t alone in this world, then trying angel cards may be the perfect tool to enhance your understanding of where you are to go in life. Angel cards are meant to help you find the answers you are looking for through positive messages while helping you become more aware of your own spirituality. They can give insight into relationships, careers and finances while creating a sense of peace and confidence to the person receiving the reading.

Angel decks are thought of as “beginner” cards, so if you are getting an oracle card reading in Miami and you have never taken part in the experience, then this would be an excellent way to get your feet wet.



Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are used for divination, life story-telling, astrology and spiritual guidance. These cards are modern versions of tarot cards, with a slight variation that gives users more control over the process. 

Oracle decks “make their own rules”, which mean that the readings registered through them tend to be more fluid and unrestricted as other card reading techniques. There are no guidelines to follow with oracle decks, as opposed to tarot cards which have several rules attached to them.

Oracle card readings are conducted to try and decipher what changes either good or bad may occur in the one's life. These readings are meant to give comfort and guidance to the person receiving it. 

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are the most common form of card readings, and have been around for many years. The standard tarot card deck is designed to resemble a Harlequin romance novel, they are well drawn and tell a very compelling story. These cards follow a structure, and the formula is never altered.

With 5 suits in each deck (the suits can vary between decks) each tarot card reading can be different and each reader will have a different outcome depending on the person. Whatever the person is going through at the time, the tarot cards will reflect and guide that person to the answers they seek. While rigid in structure, the tarot cards rarely miss their mark.



How Bagua Center Can Help

If you have been seeking a path towards understanding where you are in your life, then pursuing an oracle card reading in Miami through the Bagua Center may be the right choice for you. Whichever reading you choose, the insight from these our readings will help you tune into your own inner guidance system.

If you are interested in exploring the virtues of tarot, angel, or oracle card readings, do not hesitate to call. We are happy to assist in your search! 

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