Mediumship Connecting with the Spirit World

There is a slight obsession with the paranormal in today’s popular culture. There have been multiple Paranormal Activity movies, as well as a plethora of ghost hunting television shows on multiple cable channels. These shows don’t truly demonstrate what mediumship and channeling entail, and glamorize the more intense aspects of certain spiritual experiences. True spiritual mediumship requires deeper exploration.

For most people who are interested in pursuing an afterlife connection with the spirit world, they are intrigued by the beyond and have an undeniable sixth sense. They may have felt a presence or experienced an unexplainable phenomenon that occurred in their home. Or maybe they have lost a loved one or friend and would like to explore the other side somehow.


What is a Medium?

When people picture a medium, they often picture a crystal ball or perhaps a person sitting around a table conducting a séance. Mediums, for all intents and purposes, are a human instrument that is used by a spirit to communicate with the living. The communications that can be relayed through the medium could be informational, or they could cause a paranormal activity to occur. They could also channel certain types of energies forth into whatever room the medium is conducting the ceremony, or manifest themselves for objective examination and identification.


How Do Mediums Perform their Duties?

If you are interested in mediumship, you will need to understand how mediums carry out their services. Mediums must be able to connect with the spirits. Therefore, mediumship requires a cooperative effort between a person on the Earth plane and a person in the Spirit plane. The objectives of this cooperation are the same as the means of communication mentioned earlier. The means of communication and cooperation can differ depending on the energy in the room and the spirits that wish to be heard.

There are two main phenomena that can occur through mediums; communication and manipulation of energies. This means that there are two kinds of spirits that can be reached and “heard” through mediums. If the spirit uses the medium for communication, then they are known as a “spirit communicator”. If energy is being manipulated by the spirit, then “spirit operator” is the correct terminology. Often, operators are able to communicate in some form as well.


What Can You Expect to Hear from the Other Side?

Traditionally, you will hear what you need to at the time from the spirit that wanted to be contacted. Knowing that whoever passed on is on a different plane can bring great comfort to those who seek information. Keep in mind: this is not a fortune telling situation. These afterlife connections are meant to give insight into how the recently deceased are doing and what they wish to communicate to you. Do keep in mind that the medium does not get to choose whom is contacted and what they wish to hear; the spirit who wishes to communicate largely controls the content of the message.

How Can Bagua Help?

The spiritual language is communication through all our senses. Learning how to open up and communicate with spirits and understanding their language is just as important to the medium as knowing how to close the channel not to be receptive all the time. Sophie is the perfect bridge between you and the afterlife, and to provide the experienced mediumship you have been looking for.

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