Living From Your Center : A Guide to Conscious Living

Introduction to Living a Centered Life

Living from your center can mean so many things these days. None of which are wrong or right, but simply methodologies that work for some and not for others. Whatever the method, we can use baseline teachings to lay the pathway for deeper, more enriching self exploration.

Taking the time to take assessment in how connected to yourself you feel is the first step in living from your center. You have to do the work, you have to learn who you are and how you truly feel about yourself in order to even know what your center is. No other journey in your life will be as important as figuring out the core of who you are.


What Does Living From Your Center Feel Like?

This is certainly a loaded questions. What we can do is tell you what living off your center feels like. It feels like driving your car with the emergency brake on, like you are dragging. In practical terms, living off from your center involves self talk that is often in opposition with oneself which creates a feeling of dragging or carrying additional weight on your shoulders.

The thing about this, much like back pain, is that if you have lived this way for a long time, you have gotten used to the feeling of “dragging”. You may be oblivious to this feeling that you may not notice just how much exertion and effort it was taking out of you, until you take the “emergency brakes” off and finally begin to drive without resistance. This is often the reason why one has a “spiritual crisis” after becoming aware that there is another way to live and feel.

Living from your center means honoring and accepting yourself for all that you are now- not in an idealized version of yourself that exists in the future. It mean learning to like yourself as well as love yourself, whether you are a “good” or “bad”. It means to stop being ashamed of the fact that you might be “too sensitive” or “too cautious” and leaning into what you dislike about yourself.


How to Begin Living From Your Center

Clear the Deck.

Starting with a clean slate means identifying the behaviors, habits and people in your life that are negatively affecting how you feel about yourself. Please note, this is not to identify and expunge people, places or habits because “they are bad”, it is to identify the areas in your life that may be affecting how you feel about you. Notice this doesn’t involve blame?

Take some time to really quiet down your thoughts and internal chatter- take note without judgement or opinion on what you are thinking about, just simply how what you are thinking makes you feel. If something passes your mind’s eye and you suddenly feel tense or ashamed, take note of the thought.


Do Something About It.

Now that you have identified some thoughts that trigger feelings of discomfort within you, notice what they are. Is it that you smoke occasionally and you are ashamed that you have not been able to quit? Is it that when you think of your college best friend and the falling out you two had, you wish you could have done something different? Is it that you hate your job but you feel like you have no choice and that you have to continue working there if you are going to pay the bills?

When you can identify the negative factors in your life and understand and embrace your negative reaction to it- it make a big difference to know that you can use this to empower yourself and line up with the power to live the life you want, from your true center. Doing something, anything, even the tiniest little step towards finding inner relief can help build your inner confidence with yourself. If you constantly tell yourself you will do something then don’t do it, you may have some work to do since the relationship between you and you is not so great. Building trust within yourself begins when you can trust yourself again. Take one small step towards honoring yourself, one day at a time. This process certainly is not a race of any sort and you have absolutely NO other competitors- you are unique.


Grab a Road Map.

Have you noticed a huge influx on the number of life coaches and energy healing practices that have popped up, just about everywhere from online to in person? Well, there is a good reason for that. We, collectively as a society, have decided that being ashamed of wanting guidance- once referred to with smirks as “Self Help” is obsolete. In fact, it is more than often a sign of higher intelligence and self love to seek coaching and developed the self.

Choose a coach or practitioner that you can relate with and try it out. You are not alone. The thoughts you think are not unique to you only. The obstacles you think you face alone are in fact common. Partner with a coach or energy healer that you feel comfortable with and begin tackling the inner walls that prevent you from getting to know you.


Benefits of Living From Your Center

There are so many benefits to living from your center. When you decide to make that choice, the benefits begin to roll in and the often times, handling one aspect of your inner self that needed work can by default alleviate some other areas in your life. For example, if you have been down on yourself about continuing to smoke and you conquer the process and your perception of your own will power increases, you may also find that other areas get a slight boost as well- such as feeling healthier or more in control of your health, you may also feel that you have improved your physical appearance.

Awareness brings myriads of benefits in that you become conscious of yourself- what you are thinking, what you want, what you don’t want- you turn off autopilot mode and start doing that things you have always wanted to do.

Living from your center can create a sense of “self safety”- the knowing that you will meet your needs and not abandon yourself at times when you need yourself the most. That sense of safety opens us up to experience things that previously felt too scary to try. This in turn begins to create a sense of freedom as well as being in control.

Physically, living from your center can reduce a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress brought on by internal contradiction.


What Does Bagua Center Offer?

If living from your center is something that resonates with you, we offer so many ways to facilitate that inner journey. From energy healing classes and workshops to spiritual tools such as oracle decks and crystals, Bagua Center would be proud to be a part of yours.

Book a session with anyone of our healers and connect to you inner conscious.




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