Learning to Read Tarot Cards

While going through life changes, we often look to a higher meaning for guidance. Some look to God, others to the higher power of their choosing. But for those who truly want to get in touch with the spiritual plane, tarot card readings have been a wonderful gateway. No matter the circumstances, tarot card readings have been able to supply answers to those seeking help for ages.

There are professionals that are able to conduct readings for you, but learning how the cards work for yourself can be equally as rewarding. This learning process can seem daunting at first but is actually quite easy. There are only a few things to keep in mind as you learn to harness the power of the tarot.



Learning to read tarot cards is a great way to tune into your own spirituality to gain insight into your outward problems. To truly get a good reading however, you can’t be stressed and tense. You will need to relax your mind and body before starting the reading. Deep breathing and comfortable seating is highly recommended. You will know when you are relaxed when your body feels warm and calm. Once you do, you’ll be in a great state to begin your reading.


Clear the Deck

Performing a reading with a deck that hasn’t been cleared will not be very accurate. The deck will have absorbed the energies of the last reading and potentially the energies of the last person who touched it. Having a cleared deck will get rid of the residual energy found within the cards. Clearing the deck can be done with a simple shuffle. Once the cards have been shuffled to your liking, you should give it a symbolic bath in “white light”. Just visualize a white light and send it through your arms and into the tarot deck. This will clear the deck and will make a strong connection to the tarot cards.


Ask your Question

You’re now ready to begin your reading. As you are seated with the deck in your hands after their bath, ask the question you wish answered by the tarot cards. If you don’t have a specific question for the cards, you may ask them if there is something you need to know right now. The cards will react to these questions accordingly. Let the question hang upon your cards for a moment.

Once your question has been asked, you may cut the deck. Place the cards on the table in front of you and while using your left hand cut the deck in half. Place the top half on the left. Choose the card that is on top of the right pile and turn it over.

Reading the Cards

The actual reading involves looking at the cards at face value (so to speak) and intuiting what the cards mean to you. This involves taking a first impression of the card, seeing what body messages you get from the cards (physical feelings the cards provide), and the colors of the cards. Saying the card’s name aloud can open a pathway in your mind and give access to new insights and information. Pay attention to the actions going on within the cards, as they can give insight into your specific issue you’re dealing with. Paying attention of the characters and symbols is important as well.


Close the Reading

Once you have finished reading the cards, hold the deck in your hands and thank it for the guidance it provided. Let the reading settle in, and place the cards back to their resting place.

Unlock the secrets of the Tarot cards and harness the power of tarot readings, a powerful tool for introspection and communicating with our higher selves.

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