Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction

During our existence, we experience many once-in-a-lifetime moments.

On April 12, 2022 two planets, Jupiter and Neptune come together in the part of the sky know as Pisces, opening a galactic gateway to your dreams. Neptune has a 164 year orbit, and stays in the same sign for 14 years. While Jupiter has an orbit of 12 years, stays for about a year in each sign. Though Jupiter and Neptune come together every 13 years, this is their first union in the sign of Pisces, since 1856.

Neptune is an outer planet, which means that it orbits the sun a lot slower than the planets closer to the sun. Neptune is the planet that represents divine love, forgiveness, compassion, and the mystical side of spirituality, it is also connected to psychology. When Neptune interacts with other planets, it can awaken sensitivities to high consciousness and deeper intuition. Neptune is also associated with music, so we may see some new changes in music.

In order to see how this planet will effect you we encourage you to look for Neptune in your chart to realize your own destiny.

As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter expands the experiences of our personal planets into gifts to be shared with the world. Wherever Jupiter is in your chart, it highlights phases of expansion and opportunity. Jupiter represents expansion, success, and recognition, allowing us to dream bigger than we have ever dreamt before. During this transit it would be best to ask yourself a question about your dreams, ask your guides to show you the next step or the answer to your questions. During this time it is encouraged to use your dreams, this will connect your subconscious and your higher self.

When they all come together in Pisces it is sure to bring vast changes in our environment for more expansion. As mentioned the last conjunction in Pisces was in 1856, and during this time there was development of color photography and large floods in Europe. Pisces being a mutable water sign of emotion it emphasizes our sensitivity to our own intuition. This beautiful connection between the planets magnify all manifesting abilities. This will help us shift in direction, shift in perception, and ultimately reminds us with the unconditional love we all want out of life. 

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