Healing the Emotional Body: The Mind Body Connection

Our emotions are so strongly associated with our physical wellness that even the word “dis-ease” explains the tie between our minds and body. Holistic practitioners of Eastern medicine, Homeopathic practitioners, religious leaders and more recently, Doctors of Osteopathic medicine in Western Medicine, understand the very intricate relationship between our physical bodies and our emotions.

In this article, we want to discuss a bit into detail about the mind-body philosophy and how we can have a better understanding of how to apply into our daily lives.


Mind Body Connection

Acupuncture and acupressure are the most common mind body healing methods that we hear about, however there are numerous other methods such as Reiki, Tai Chi and Qigong.The basis of belief for these therapies are that the mind is very well connected to the condition of the body, that our mind and body exist in the form of being whole and interconnected with one another.Traditional Western Medicine is divided into systems, such as the endocrine system, and focused on treating ailments specific to that particular system or organ. Thus we have cardiologist and dermatologist and so on that are dedicated to examining and treating those particular areas.

In the more recent years, with the mass consciousness in the spiritual growth on the incline, we have a better understanding now that our thoughts and feelings play huge role in our physical health. Alcoholism, eating disorders and depression are finally recognized as a disease and treated with care and tenderness that it always deserved. When we begin considering the mind body connection, we understand better that not all ailments are purely physically in nature. In fact, many leaders in the emotional body healing movement, such as Louise Hay and Dr.Caroline Myss (a medical intuitive) believe that all illnesses and disease have a direct connection with the emotional state of the patient. Thus the underlying emotion must be treated in order to address the physical symptoms.


Healing the Emotional Body

Our minds are indeed very powerful. More so than ever in the history of time do we have teachers and leaders re-affirming this awareness. Energy healing is rapidly gaining popularity in conjunction to traditional therapies because we have a better understanding of this. Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound therapy, Tai Chi and Meditation are among the common options available to us today to help heal the emotional body along with the physical ailments that result from disease.

Utilizing energy healing therapies and caring for the emotional body that we call the mind body connection, we can prevent disease by addressing the long standing negative emotions we may be harboring. Meditating and journaling, mirror work and self reflection allows us to see into our minds and hearts, where we can initiate the healing process well before physical manifestations occur.


Ways to Heal the Emotional Body

The best time to start healing the emotional body is before the physical symptoms manifest. Because there are no negative side effects of energy healing, one can initiate the healing process anytime. With such versatility in the types of healing methods available, there are multiple options to find one that works best for you. Even the healthiest and happiest of us have negative emotion and need to find an effective way to release them gently.

Lucky for us, there are so many ways we can do this. Many cities in the United States have dedicated spiritual centers as well as holistic and energy healing workshops. Options can range from Reiki sessions, loving group ceremonies to traditional eastern forms such as Tai Chi and Yoga that you can easily incorporate into your life on a daily or weekly basis. Creating movement in the body’s energy flow known as Qi or Chi is how the latter forms of energy healing work.

One of the easiest and light hearted ways to release resistance and create movement of energy flow is through music and dance. Dance is the highest form of vibrational energy release and creative expression. Allowing the body to naturally flow to music help us to release tension and emotion that build up in our muscles and tendons. Perspiration during expressive exercise, such as dance, allows us to physically eliminate toxins from our bodies. Helpful chemicals are released in the brain to boost immunity, energy production, better sleep and even help us utilize our food better by regulating our metabolism.

When we look back in history, many ancient civilizations had dance rituals and ceremonies regularly to help the body connect to the spirit. In the modern world, we see this in those of us who attend daily or weekly exercise groups and more casually, we find release on the dance floor after a particularly stressful week. It is still deeply ingrained in us to seek the healing of our emotional body; it is natural and calls to us.



Understanding that mind and body are intimately connected is gateway to healing oneself through the guiding of energy and self love. It is also important to understand that negative emotion is natural and not “bad thinking” but that the harboring of such thoughts and the emotions associated with it for extended periods of time that can cause disease to manifest.

Allow yourself to try different methods of healing the emotional body. If you have physical restrictions, stick with something gently like Tai Chi that is low impact and low movement. If you feel a build of negative emotion, such as stress, the fastest and easiest method to release that is with high intensity activities such as African Dance or Alchemial Ecstatic Dance that combines spiritual intention, music and rhythm along with physical movement. If you are in the much lower frequencies, such as grief and loss, stationery emotional healing options such as Reiki Healing or even Astral Travel with a gentle, experienced practitioner can begin the healing process of the emotional body. No matter what you choose, the act of seeking relief within your own body, in itself is healing.





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