Feng Shui for Manifesting Love

It’s nearly Spring, which means that the season of love will be upon us very shortly. We all have a need and desire for love and to be loved, but sometimes things get in the way. Maybe the last love went unrequited. Maybe each of you just drifted apart. There are many excuses for why people fall out of love. However, with Valentine’s Day nearly here, it’s important to think about how to manifest the love the we desire instead of past loves that have moved on.

Manifesting your dreams through positive focus and energy has been around for years. The science and art of Feng Shui has been one way to manifest a prosperous and healthy home through the loving energy of Chi. Many have solely viewed Feng Shui as an organizational tactic to breathe life into their home. However, Feng Shui has been proven to aid those who seek to attract whatever it is they desire. This includes love and romance.

There are a few different ways that Feng Shui can be used to bring about what you desire. These will help you attract love and may aid you on your search to find that special someone.


Set Your Intentions

As Feng Shui practitioners all understand, one must set their intentions clearly in order to manifest your heart’s desires. If your intentions are not clear, the universe won’t be able to truly understand what it is you seek. Clear intentions send a clear message to the universe. That’s why you need to create a list of the qualities you seek in a potential mate before even considering rearranging the house. This should be done in red ink on white paper (the colors of love). Once you have completed your list, you need to place it in a silver box and place the box in the southwest corner of the bedroom – the relationship area of the room.


Incorporate Pairs throughout the Home

Paired objects unconsciously indicate that you are looking for a special someone. Pairing single chairs with another seat, artwork displaying couples or groups of people, and even an extra nightstand can give off this impression. This action works well because it eliminates the idea of being solo and inspires energies that help bring others into your heart as well as your home.


Create a Separate Work Space

The bedroom should not be a workplace. If you are looking for love, you need to make your bedroom a place where love is the main focus. If you have an office space in your bedroom, you should either cordon it off with a curtain or screen or move it out of your bedroom entirely. Remove your TV, exercise equipment, and electronics from the bedroom as well. These things will not work well in their own space. In the bedroom however, there should be no space for items that inhibit love’s energy to flow.


Prepare the Bedroom for Love

If you are trying to begin a romantic relationship with someone soon, start by changing some aspects of your bedroom that are not conducive to attracting affection and commitment. Allow plenty of space for your potential new lover to share your home. Clearing out closet space or drawers are a great way to accomplish this.

Candles are also a nice touch to add to the back wall. This will attract a new lover into your life if you are single or can kick start a stagnant relationship. Additionally, choose colors that are sure to keep your love life exhilarating without risking burning it out. Love-friendly colors such as green, pure-white and dashes of pink are all great choices.


How Can We Help Open Your Heart?

Searching for love can be challenging at times but knowing that you do not need to do it alone is a relief. Sometimes, we have to take charge in how we manifest love into our lives. In knowing what we want, we take the power in attracting it into our lives.

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