Energy Clearing : Spring Cleansing for the Heart & Home

Spring Cleansing for the Soul

With Spring Equinox quickly approaching, there is more than just summer anticipation on everyone’s minds. For so many of us, changing seasons signal a time for cleaning house, literally and figuratively. It’s time to renew our spirits, just as much as we clean out our closets which sets the intention of welcoming in renewed and refreshed energy.

In this article, we’ll share with you a few easy ways to clear energy at your home or office by sharing our favorite energy clearing ceremonies. Spring Equinox is a great time to renew yourself with energy clearing of all types. In addition to performing these easy methods for your home, we encourage you to join us for our very own Spring Equinox Bash Journey through Sound on March 20th, 2016. During this festival, we will collectively set our intentions for the new season by combining the best vibrational healing practices as well as tapping into to collective consciousness, a very powerful energy clearing experience.


Energetic Clearing of Your Home

Very similar to putting away our winter clothes we no longer need to make room for summer shorts and bikinis, energetic clearing of your home can be done to release stagnant and/or negative energy that may have accumulated over the last few months. With cold weather, we are less likely to open our windows, which can contain energies that would normally flow through our homes.

To prepare for an energetic clearing, we recommend first cleaning your home, opening the windows to let fresh air circulate as well as remove all items no longer serving their purpose by recycling, donating or gifting. Energetic cleansing is both anchored in the metaphysical, mental and emotional realms, so starting the process with a serene environment to your liking will help get you started on the right foot.

If for any reason, you are having a particularly difficult or stressful time, try Reiki or Sound Healing with a professional to get you cleared internally.


First time clearing

Dragon’s blood: If you have never cleared your home before, using dragon’s blood to do a major energy cleansing is a great way to get a clean slate. Many spiritual practitioners will recommend using dragon’s blood to clear our heavy negative energy. Dragon’s blood should be burned on a coal and carefully watched as it can bubble over very quickly. New homes of any kind, whether you rent or own, can be effectively cleansed of previous energy or spirits. If there is an uncomfortable, unsettling feeling associated with the new home even after this process, it is best to have a trained professional cleanse the home and bless it for your time there.


Sage: this wonderful dried herb is has a very woody, fragrant scent that has been used for ages by many different cultures as a powerful energy cleansing tool. Using sage as a weekly or bi-weekly “deep” cleansing is an effective way to keep your home’s energy free of negativity. Burning sage and allowing the smoke to “smudge” over yourself, your crystals and other energy healing instruments is also very useful.

Palo Santo: Palo Santo is a sacred wood that has been used for centuries to clear energy. The literal translation for this South American wood is “Holy Wood”. It can be used for daily clearing as the scent is very uplifting, almost citrus and pine like that will immediately have you feeling upbeat. It is also great for keeping insects at bay, much like citronella.


Incense: is another energy purifying and cleansing method. Burning incense to help purify the energy in your home is an easy and fragrant way to keep the energy balanced. Incense, such as Sandalwood, Lavender, White Sage, and Aloe can be burned daily as their fragrant scent is pleasant and mild enough for daily use. After a weekly sage, burning a stick or two of incense in the evening on a daily basis is a great maintenance energy purifying method.


Make a Ritual Out of It

The process of doing something for yourself for a specific purpose can be considered a ritual, creating your very own ritual, whether weekly, daily or monthly, is a great way to begin a ritual practice for yourself. Energy Clearing is a great ritual to incorporate into your life to help release negative energy, negative thoughts, worries and stress on a regular basis. It may feel a bit strange at first, but repeated use of your own ritual can help you create a scheduled practice to regularly address and release negative emotions.

Welcoming the New, Renewed Energy

There are other methods of energy clearing, such as clapping to use sound as a energy breaking tool and spraying sea salt water. Playing the singing bowls can be another powerful vibrational energy cleanser. Visit your local energy healing or spiritual center, such as Bagua Center, to find the perfect items that work well in your energy clearing routine. We carry all of the items mentioned in the article, as well as many other energy healing tools to help you make your space a sacred place of healing and wellness.

Having a time dedicated to purifying the energy in your very own sanctuary is an important part of your journey. Stop by to learn about the ancient methods for energy clearing, feng shui, and intention setting to make your home your heart’s sanctuary.

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