Empowerment : A Natural State of Being

Introduction To Empowerment

Many of us have made the decision to learn who we really are and how we really feel; we can call the collective “awakening” that has been taking place as we come into the age of Christ Consciousness. In this state, we learn to live from our center as we understand the concept of living in an empowered state, which is our natural state before we develop self limited beliefs.

How can we live in an empowered state more often? What tools can we use to help ourselves align with our highest purpose? In this article, we will share some effective, high yield techniques in our “empowerment toolbox” that can help us break the cycle of victim mentality and feelings of guilt, confusion and DIS-ease.


Understanding the Laws of the Universe


“Every one of us is the sum total of his own thoughts”

Earl Nightingale, The Strangest Secret


One of the fundamentals of living an empowered life is understanding how the laws of universe work in relation to your reality. Some of the most successful and progressive minds in our history such as Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Earl Nightingale, and Napoleon Hill knew that the laws of the universe governed their very existence. They understood that their thoughts, or what they thought about most of the time, dictated the experience that they were having.

So what does this mean? This means that the quality of your thoughts are being expressed- whether you are doing it consciously or not. This means that it is in your best interest, if you are to live an empowered life, to make the decision that you direct your own thoughts and have the power and discretion to filter through them. Most people feel helpless and overwhelmed by what they interpret as thoughts, although it is the feelings associated with the thought they were thinking. If you can control your thoughts, by default you can control your feelings.

Make the decision today that you control your thoughts and that your thoughts are a direct result of how you choose to feel. Feed your mind nutritious, well meaning thoughts about yourself and the feeling of self esteem and self acceptance will follow in due time. This is why positive affirmations and law of attraction have become so popular- because both concepts fully accept the universal law of that thought become things.


Accept That You Are Not Alone

Surrendering to the universe, or accepting that there is an infinite source or a higher power that beholds our reality is the great alleviation from having to take the world on by yourself.

The first key to living an empowered life is the fundamental belief that you are in the driver’s seat. The next is that your Source, or God, or the Universe is on your side and speaking to you and guiding you- that you have a direct line of communication with your maker, whomever that might be. Your thoughts are the method of expressing your outgoing communication and your feelings are the incoming receiver of your source’s communication. If thinking about a puppy makes you happy as a clam when you think about it, then the core of who you are loves puppies and thinks they’re great. If chewing out your co-worker for being late makes you feel like you are mean person who belittles others for their mistakes, then you know that this does not line up to the core of who you are. With this “thought to feeling” feedback loop, you can regularly check in with you about you to tweak the things that don’t resonate with the core of who you are.

“I bring myself back to myself” – Unknown


The Power of Detachment

Understanding that you have the power to create the life you want empowers you to take responsibility for the aspects of your life that you can control. But how about the areas that you cannot? The power of detachment lies in the ability to clearly distinguish the two aspects – what is your responsibility and what is not.

Micro-managing of how others behave with manipulation, explanation, and convincing is pulls you away from finding inner peace, since you cannot control others behaviors or the outcome of circumstance. Dwelling on the past and ruminating on how you could have “done it better” is another way to become so attached to what has already happened that robs of you of your empowerment to do your best now.

Here are a few thing to remember when begin to feel worry, stress, ruminations of negative experiences that you are unable to extract lessons from, or catastrophizing in your mind about future events that creates anxiety.

  • Get empowered in the moment by understanding that it is okay to feel uncomfortable at the moment. We cannot be happy and joyous all the time so give yourself the moment to feel the discomfort in a guilt free way. You are not weak for feeling uncomfortable, you are human. Once you can stop “guilting” yourself for feeling negative feelings, you can better move forward.
  • Get empowered by making the decision that you are in control of your life and thoughts- you are responsible for you. If a particular negative thought is very strongly programmed in your mind, then acknowledge that it was pre-programmed and that thought is not yours- and release it. For instance, if you are grew up with family that constantly worried about you, you may suffer from a great deal of Murphy’s law thinking and anxiety. If those thought arise and become very strong, take control by stating, “these thoughts are not my own”. This will command your subconscious to begin questioning the validity of these thoughts, whether you truly worry about these things or not.

Get empowered by surrendering to what is not our responsibility. We get that it sucks not to get what we want from circumstances, especially the ones we feel strongly about, but that in itself is not why we feel disempowered. We feel a loss of control when we feel that we have no control over our reactions to not getting what we want. Release yourself from this by giving the outcomes that are out of your control to a higher source.



Dig Deeper, Feel Better, Gain Results.

This month at Bagua Center, it’s been an energetic push for truly accepting ourselves and really working out the kinks to live our best life ever. With all these full moons, energy shifts, retrogrades and eclipses, the second half of April 2016 will be centering around helping you realize your own authentic worth & value. We want every single one of you to feel empowered. Not just to get you in here but because empowerment allows you to be truly free. If you want to start taking control of your thoughts and begin actively taking part in the direction of your life, transformation expert healers can help! 

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