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Healing with Crystal Grids

As we previously discussed in our Crystal Healing Blog on the healing properties of crystals, in this second article, we will be taking a closer look at how we can benefit from creating crystal grids. Crystal grids consist of an arrangement of crystals to combine the healing energies of multiple sources, as well as tapping into chakra balancing, sacred geometry, and intention setting.

Next month, Doctor of Psychology and Usui Reiki Master, Melissa Aluna and colleague Julina Gamboa (Kaleidoscope Gypsy, energy healer, love energy facilitator) and Munnay Ki Shaman Edgar Medina will be exploring with us the use of crystal tools with reiki energy work, aura cleansing, and chakra balancing to harness the energy created by the energy of the Strawberry Full Moon. On June 20th, be sure to join us for this phenomenal Strawberry Full Moon Summer Solstice celebration to learn how we can use various techniques for self-transformational healing.


Intentions & Chakra Balancing

First and foremost, identifying the intention of the crystal grid is very important. This intention will set the tone of what we hope to achieve with the crystal grid healing. Some common intentions could be about manifesting love, health, or prosperity, just to name a few. For instance, if the intention of the crystal grid is to create or invite more love into your life, then the focus of your crystal grid will resonate with all aspects of love manifestations- both in the crystals you choose and where your crystal grid will live. Write down your intention or desire on a piece of paper, you will need to place this in the center of your grid once you begin.

Chakra balancing can also be an intention. If you are experiencing disharmony in any one of your chakras and have identified the chakra via signs and symptoms of an imbalance, the intention of the crystal grid could be to support the re-alignment of the specific chakra.

Clearing the energy of the space and the crystals prior to starting is a good idea. Learn more about how you can use sage and other plant medicines and spiritual cleansing tools here or stop by our store for a hands on experience as well perform energy clearing of our facility daily.


Choosing Your Crystals

When choosing your crystals, allow your heart to be the guide. The crystals that support your intention will be the ones that resonate with you and just “feel right”. Although your intentions and desires are the basis for which crystals to choose based on their properties, there is no such thing as the “wrong crystals”, so do not worry if a crystal you feel deeply connected to does not directly line up with your intention. Their collective purpose is to aid in your healing.

To select crystals, think of your desire. If you desire to manifest more love in your life, using a Rose Quartz Point as your center stone will be helpful. Carnelian, Lemurian, and Pink Tourmaline are all crystals that aid in love manifestation. If there are specific areas of your love life, such as low self-esteem that you would like to address, including stones such as Tiger’s eye or Aventurine will be useful. Crystal_Grids_101_3

Choosing the Layout

Sacred Geometry is an ancient and sacred patterns that are universally understood and is the basis of all living structural baseline. A crystal grid cloth provides an area of guidance in arranging the stones as well as serve as a container for your crystal grid altar. There are many patterns that an experienced energy healer can help you arrange, such as a romance/love grid layout or prosperity grid layout. Sacred geometry lies at the base of these grid patterns to tune into nature’s creation patterns. This, combined with your intentions and the energetic properties of the various crystals chosen, is what allows crystal grids to be so helpful in energy healing process.

Choosing a central stone to place in the middle of your grid, then placing tumbled crystals following the pattern guidelines from the crystal grid cloth, follow you heart on where each stone belongs. Listen to your intuition when it comes to this process and take your time. Once you have completed this process, it is time to activate the beautiful crystals to your intentions by using a Quartz point to connect them. Start at the center and connect all of the crystals, one-by-one, by pointing to the crystal and “drawing” an imaginary intention line from one crystal to the next, until each one is connected to another. This process directs the crystals to work with each other as a team.


Using Crystal Grids for Your Own Healing

Now that you know what and how crystal grids work, are you ready to arrange one of your own? We are pleased to present the Strawberry Full Moon Summer Solstice Celebration next month for a jump start on your crystal clearing with the power of the full moon. Everything and anything you need for creating your own crystal grids are available at our website. If you are not sure which energy healing tools you should have, one of our crystal consultants can guide you on the following items to create your very own crystal grid!

  • Crystal Points & Tumbled Crystals
  • Quartz Crystal Point (for activation)
  • Crystal Grid Cloth
  • Palo Santo and/or Sage cleansing energy
  • Abalone Shell & Feathers for smudging
  • Incense
  • The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall
  • The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall

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