Crystal Elixirs

Making Your Own Crystal and Gem Elixirs

Crystal elixirs are made from water that has absorbed the vital and particular energy of the crystal or gem used. It also varies with the intention of the user in making the elixir, which can be for healing, balancing and a lot more. To learn more please see our previous blog, Crystals and Crystal Grids to learn how you can combine crystals for enhanced healing.


Intention and Crystals

When getting started, begin with an intention. What is your purpose in making your own elixir? Gather the crystals whose energies you want to in your water. You can combine 3 or fewer crystals of the same type for a perfect healing combination. This way, you can prevent crystal chaos. Choose tumbled crystals where pieces won’t chip off. Properly research the crystal you want to use, make sure it is safe to put in water. If not, you can use the indirect method, which we’ll elaborate later on.


What you'll need

  • One clean large glass container (eg. glass bowl)
  • Another glass container that can be sealed (smaller than your first glass container) – for indirect method
  • Two clean, dark colored glass bottles (one larger, one smaller)
  • A clean glass dropper
  • Cheesecloth
  • Spring or distilled water
  • Vodka (80 proof or higher) or vinegar– a preservative and to fix crystal vibrations
  • An area with ample amount of sunlight/moonlight or just a sacred space for yourself which could be indoors or outdoors.


One step at a time

  1. Clean the crystals that you’ll be using, physically and energetically. There are actually various methods of cleaning such as exposure to sunlight/  or moonlight, earth or sand burials and under running cold water.
  1. Bring your prepared crystals and other materials to your allotted space. Relax and clear your mind. Say out loud your intention for this elixir. Ask the Divine and crystals for assistance you in making the elixir that will benefit you and those around you.
  1. Prepare your clean large glass container. Fill with water halfway and slowly place the crystals. Cover with cheesecloth and place under direct sunlight or moonlight, or just place it in your sacred space.

Note: In this step, if ever your crystal is not safe to be placed in water, you can place the crystals inside a smaller glass container. Seal it properly and place it inside the large glass container. Then, slowly fill the large glass container with water. This way the substances from the crystals are sealed but the water is still exposed to its vibrational energy.

  1. Again, state your intent out loud and ask for divine guidance and the crystal’s assistance in making this elixir.
  1. Let the glass containers stay under the sunlight, moonlight or sacred space for four hours and covered with the cheesecloth.
  1. Then, remove the smaller container from the large glass container pour carefully the charged water into your large dark colored glass bottle filling halfway, now your stock or mother essence. Fill in the remaining half with vodka or vinegar. Seal properly.
  1. A small amount of stock goes to the smaller dark colored bottle for usage with a dropper. You may dilute it with the spring or distilled water if desired. Once done, be thankful for the divine guidance and the crystal’s assistance. Make sure to seal and keep it properly stored.

Crystal healing is a fun and safe way to explore what nature has. It is a good adjunct therapy for any illness both at the spiritual and energetic level. Explore more about the different crystals that might suit your needs and be updated with all the possible opportunities for healing that you might get. Visit Bagua Center to find the perfect tools and guides to compliment your healing journey.


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