Choosing the Best Energy Healer for You


How to Choose the Right Healer for You

Choosing the right practitioner to facilitate inner healing and spiritual growth can be achieved by doing a little bit of easy, do-it-yourself prep work to clarify the main purpose of your mission. Much like business planning, having a clear understanding of your needs and desires will help you choose the energy healing method, the means (one on one, group, online, in-person), and the practitioner.

In this article, we’ll provide you with some tools and tips to help you navigate the energy healing realm. There are so many options out there for energy healing so take these tried and true tips to help yourself pair up with the practitioner and method that will help you most during your spiritual path.



The first item that needs to be understood clearly, is the purpose of why you are seeking out energy healing. Are you healing from emotional trauma? Are you going through an extremely difficult physical illness, injury, disability or pain? Do you have a desire to improve your communication and relationships with a lover or family members? Or are you doing pretty well and you have a desire to continue your progress as a part of developing yourself to be happier?

Not sure what what your core purpose is? Do you have several areas of your life that you would like have help with? Take a few moments in a quiet and private place with a pad of paper and a pen and ask yourself the following questions:

– What areas of my life could I improvements?

– What of those areas affect me the most?

– What do I want to see happen in this area of my life? How will improving this aspect of my life improve other areas of my life?

Asking yourself and answering honestly these types of questions can help you figure out where you need to start. Now, this does not mean to start from the “hardest” area of your life. Just like the order of operations in math, there are aspects of your life that will have less resistance to change versus some aspects of your life that you wish to improve that may have more resistance.

If you are in a delicate phase in your life, we recommend acknowledging your hardships and having much compassion for where you are right now – try an energy healing session that is focused on healing such as Reiki or Intuitive Energy Healing before moving to more action based life coaching/personal development courses. We’ll talk more about this in the next section.



There are many methods of healing that is available. We’ll touch base on some of the most widely used methods, as well as discuss the mode of delivery.

Intuitive Energy Healing – This type of healing is performed by a practitioner to activate the self healing process by tapping into subconscious information by connecting with your higher self to offer a deep understanding and receive guidance about your everyday life. Intuitive energy healing is considered and alternative practice that relies on the use of the five senses to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within the body, sometimes this is referred to as insight healing through visualization and focused thinking brings you into the intuitive healing process. This type of healing is beneficial for those experiencing anxiety, trauma (emotional, physical and mental), life related stress, feminine/masculine energy imbalances or the desire to be fully actualized and be connected to our high selves.

Physical – There are spiritual practitioners that work on a more physical level, such as massage therapy. Energy can be stagnant throughout certain points in the body, often referred to as the meridians. Physical touch can be a powerful healing process, especially when performed by a practitioner that is familiar with both energy healing and various massage therapy disciplines. This type of healing is great for just about everyone…and it’s super relaxing. Tai Chi and QiGong help us to remove energy blocks through deliberate, ancient movements designed to improve the flow of Chi.

Mediumship – For some of us, the type of healing we need is associated with a loved one that has already passed. A medium connect us to the realm of the afterlife to help us heal old, unresolved wounds from the death of a loved one or associated with afterlife energy. Mediums often facilitate communication with the “other side”.

Coaching & Personal Development – Coaching and personal development can help us to take action in healing. Some of us have an emotional wound or a deep fear that keeps us stuck in self destructive patterns of thinking or behaviors. Working with a coach in personal development can help us to see our blind spots and begin to implement changes in our lives to help us break certain self limiting beliefs. This type of healer is great for those that have done the emotional healing and is ready to begin taking action.

Past Life Regression & Quantum Healing – Past Life Regression aids in understanding the past to resolve the issues in our present. Many of us have past lives that have left “foot prints” in our present karma. Working with a practitioner that can help you retrieve memories and past lives may help you better understand why you do what you do, especially in cases for those who have predisposition for addictions, illnesses, or emotional trauma. Understanding these karmic ties with Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing or accessing the Akashic Records can shed light on how to begin the healing process from deep within.

Chakra Balancing – Balancing the Chakra involved working with a practitioner to discover imbalances within our bodies via physical, emotional and mental symptoms. There are many ways to balance the chakras, such as color therapy, crystal energy healing, aromatherapy and more. Chakra balancing is incorporated into many of the other modalities of healing.

Readings & Astrology – Healing can be facilitated by helping us dive deeper into our own intuition. Astrology, Angel Readings and Tarot Readings help us heal by provoking a thought or intuition that already lies within us. The purpose of these readings are not to tell the future, rather to help us understand the present and help us activate the answers that already exists with our higher self.



Once you discover what method of healing would most benefit you and whether you would like to receive it in a group, privately (or one on one), in person or via phone or internet, the next step is to narrow down the exact person that you wish to receive healing from.

So, how do we choose the actual person? Use your gut, your intuition. How do you feel when you see, hear or interact with them? Do you feel comfortable or do you feel tense or embarrassed? It is important to know that connection and comfort is not necessarily instant. If you are not sure, you can always try a group session with the practitioner to see if you resonate with him/her before committing to private session. If that is not feasible, reach out to the practitioner and ask to speak with them for an introduction. Most practitioners are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you feel more comfortable.

Another consideration is how a practitioner provides services. Most practitioners offer sessions on a one on one basis, either in person or over the phone. Having a private session that is focused solely on providing you a healing service is the most effective way of receiving. Much like a personal trainer, having an expert work with just you ensure that all of the resources available during a session is allocated for you and only you. This is also great for those that have needs for privacy and confidentiality. Most healing practitioners are incredibly sensitive to providing healing so it is crucial that you have the comfort needed to be able to open and speak your truth. Holding back vital information about how you are feeling or thinking due to a lack of privacy, such as in a group setting, can hinder true healing.

Another modality that is more recent (thanks to technology!) is online sessions. This works much like a call but visual capacity is also available, such as live video call. This has been such a blessing in that we are now able to connect with healers from all over the world. Having a visual connection, such as being able to look into the eyes of the practitioner, provides a deeper level of connection that is what is available via phone. This modality also helps with those that do not have physical capacity to visit a practitioner due to illness or injury, opening up the world of healing to those who previously relied solely on local healers.


Getting Ready to Heal

No matter which method or practitioner you choose, there are a few keys that will help prepare you to receive the healing itself. Much like a physical gift, you cannot accept it without holding out your hands. Go with an open mind and with the intention of receiving healing. The mind is very powerful and going to a healing session with a closed mind is like going to restaurant and refusing to eat. Open yourself to receive by remembering the purpose of why you are seeking healing and keep in mind that one session can begin the healing process but most often will not be an absolute cure. If one type of healing does not resonate with you, try another one and resist the urge to get discouraged. We are all a cumulative result of the events and experiences we have experienced during our entire life span, so finding healing is also a highly customized experience that we must do for ourselves with the guidance and modality that speaks to you.

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The most valuable investment we can make is in learning to love and accept ourselves…

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