The Seven Chakras

We all seek to find “one-ness” at one point or another. There are times in our lives where we deal with various levels of uncertainty and have little to no direction as to how to navigate our way out of them. Many people turn to vices to cope with this uncertainty, and many simply allow themselves to be carried through whatever life they think they’ve been signed up for.

This pursuit of the mundane can be chalked up to a lack of “one-ness”. Not knowing who you are can be detrimental to achieving what you were meant to achieve on this plane of existence. Finding your “one-ness” can unlock potential that you never knew you had.

A wonderful way to find your true potential is by examining and unlocking your chakras. In the human form, there are 7 different chakras that allow our inner energies to converge with our physical being. Getting in touch with each will help you with different parts of your life.

Chakra_Balancing_with_ Bagua_Miami_Spiritual_Center

Crown Center (Sahasrara)

Through the crown center (located at the top of your head) you are able to link yourself to anything and everything beyond your ego. This chakra is everything beyond your intellect and personal needs. By understanding it, you will find a gateway to enlightenment.

Third-Eye (Anja)

This chakra is located at eyebrow level and mid-brain. This is the point at which your mind and body converge; a very important meeting point in your body. This point is also physically connected to your pituitary gland, your growth, and your development as a person. It is known to breed intuition, inner-knowing, and a feeling that we are “something more” than a physical being. Breathing through the nostrils during meditation purifies and heals the Third-Eye.

Throat (Vishuddhi)

This chakra houses speech and hearing energies, as well as the endocrine glands which govern our metabolism. It enhances our connection and conversations with the divine.

Heart (Anahata)

It is widely believed in the Himalayan Tantric traditions that the heart is the most powerful center of them all. They deemed it the “seat of the soul”, as it recognized as a meeting place for a myriad of human emotions. The heart deals not only with the highest emotional highs of happiness and compassion, but also with the lowest lows of loneliness and despair. Having this chakra in tune will help put you at ease with any situation that you may be experiencing.

Navel or Solar Plex (Manipura)

The navel chakra is widely known as the body’s energy power house. This is where we hold our physical vitality. This chakra is associated with the digestive system as well as individual power and purpose. Free-flowing consciousness in this area empowers our bodies through the energy of transformation. If this chakra is blocked, we tend to become more egotistical and aggressively ambitious. Allow your consciousness to flow through the navel to avoid selfish pursuits of power.

Pelvic (Svadishthana)

Located in the sacrum (the bone that connects your spine and pelvis), this chakra is the water center, which houses our reproductive organs and desires. When consciousness is allowed the flow unobstructed through this chakra, we are able to access our potential for self-healing and sensual pleasure. Blockages in this area result in retaining attachments that we may not desire.

Root (Muladhara)

The chakra located on the pelvic floor is our connection to the Earth. This is the chakra that keeps us grounded in reality and secure in our belief. The root holds the energy to all of our urges: food, sex, sleep, and survival. It also holds out avoidances and fears. Most importantly, however, it holds our most latent potential: the key to our full potential.

Chakra_Balancing_with_ Bagua_Miami_Spiritual_Center


Learning about ourselves and the systems that govern our wellness is a path traveled by many. Understanding how energy flows within us and being in tune with our mind body as a whole helps us to shift our energy to the next level of being. Explore what works for you to find the philosophy that resonates with the core of you in understanding your Life Experience. After all, the core of all of all forms of energy healing is none other than to experience life to the fullest.

Chakra_Balancing_with_ Bagua_Miami_Spiritual_Center

What We Can Do To Help

For a private, one on one Chakra Balancing session utilizing Magnetic Energy Healing, Claudia Aros offers private sessions to hone in your chakra system and balancing your energies for optimal wellness.

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