Awakening the Divine Feminine


Our lives can be so action oriented in an effort to “get things done”, that we can experience a misalignment to our feminine or “yin” energy. If you are seeking to reconnect with the softer, gentler side of yourself that is encouraging, not demanding and forgiving, instead of guilt-inducing and critical, it may be time for you take a moment to reconnect to the Divine Feminine energy within you.

Although this article may resonate more with women, if you are a male, I encourage you to continue reading as well. We ALL have both masculine and feminine energy within us. It is important for both genders to experience balance of these two energies: the yin, and the yang.


Why do I feel so disconnected?

Most of us encounter a masculine environment that resolves to be action oriented, problem solving and centered on the premise of “right” or “wrong”- which is not to be seen as a negative factor, however, we as women, can feel a total disconnect from our Divine Essence when we subject ourselves to the masculine way of doing things too often without taking breaks to reclaim our inner Goddess.

Most of the corporate work environment and much of our school systems are structured in this way of reward and punishment, results or failure and other harsh contrasting forms of “right” or “wrong” – no wonder a gal could feel a little out of whack here and then. The modern woman must toggle through her feminine and masculine aspects seamlessly, or she is considered “emotionally unstable” or “sensitive”. We know this is not the case.

It certainly takes a conscious effort for us to slay it at the office by outperforming our male counterparts, while taking less compensation, just to prove that we too can do the work that men do. We’re also expected to do all of this with a smile on our face and maintain our feminine appearance, and never, ever show emotions of any kind that might implicate sensitivity. Then we go home to our families, where we have to slam on the brakes on the masculine energy and turn on our nurturing feminine energy on demand.


Finding Balance

It is a challenge to stay connected with our Divine Essence at all times, but we can deliberately set aside time for ourselves by developing our own Inner Goddess rituals. This practice of deliberate activation of the Divine Feminine can help us strengthen our “energy shifting” muscles more easily.

Learning to tune into the Divine Feminine energies through rituals and practice is helpful to keep your energy in balance, longer. Keeping a regular practice of reconnecting with your Inner Goddess and extracting the Divine Feminine energy balances your energy before a crisis is present. Energy Healing is best practiced this way to achieve harmony in your life and is not designed to replace any medical or psychiatric care.


Accept That You Are Not Alone

Surrendering to the universe, or accepting that there is an infinite source or a higher power that beholds our reality is the great alleviation from having to take the world on by yourself.

The first key to living an empowered life is the fundamental belief that you are in the driver’s seat. The next is that your Source, or God, or the Universe is on your side and speaking to you and guiding you- that you have a direct line of communication with your maker, whomever that might be. Your thoughts are the method of expressing your outgoing communication and your feelings are the incoming receiver of your source’s communication. If thinking about a puppy makes you happy as a clam when you think about it, then the core of who you are loves puppies and thinks they’re great. If chewing out your co-worker for being late makes you feel like you are mean person who belittles others for their mistakes, then you know that this does not line up to the core of who you are. With this “thought to feeling” feedback loop, you can regularly check in with you about you to tweak the things that don’t resonate with the core of who you are.

“I bring myself back to myself” – Unknown


Ready to develop your own rituals to awaken the Divine Feminine within? Let’s go!

Schedule it in. This is the most important step. If you don’t set aside time for this, it is likely that life will get the best of you and this activity will be the first one to take a back seat to your more masculine duties, such as deadlines at work or obligations with friends and family. You need time for you. So schedule it in; whether it is once a week for inner healing or signing up for a Goddess workshop, it’s your time to BE YOU, so no compromising this time for other’s needs.

Setting up your Goddess altar. Rituals can be best practices at the same time and the same place to help make it a solid part of your daily routine. Find a corner or section of your home that you can call your own and surround it with items that inspire beauty. Flowers, candles, crystals, oracle cards and Goddess statues are all great for this, in addition to a Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps, which create a warm glow and connect you to the Divine Feminine energy. These lamps also reduce Electromagnetic pollution. Rose Quartz, Carnelian, and Amethyst are great crystals to invoke the Divine Feminine energy within you.

Learn about the Goddesses. There are many Goddesses, one or some that may resonate with you more deeply. Lakshmi, Quan Yin, and many others have different strengths and qualities which you can connect to by learning more about them and inviting them into your home, heart and mind can further facilitate your connection to your inner Goddess.


Activities That Connect

Connect with Mother Nature. Gaia, or Mother Earth is the ultimate Divine Feminine energy. Go out in nature to your favorite park, the beach, or even your backyard and plant your bare feet to the ground. Take a few deep breathes and close your eyes. Imagine roots coming out from the soles of your feet and growing deep down into the earth. This helps to ground you to the Divine Feminine essence of Mother Earth.

Open yourself up to receive blessings. It is so important to understand that at the root of feminine energy is the ability to receive without shame, guilt or denial. Set your intention that you are open to receive all that is. Declare your blessings. Accept compliments with grace and 100% “I am worthy” attitude.

Be your own kind of feminine. One person’s idea of feminine energy and another woman’s ideas may be completely different. During your ritual and throughout the day, do things that nurture your own idea of Divine Feminine. If that is physically pampering yourself, then do it. If wearing nail polish and makeup makes you cringe, omit it. What make you feel your feminine energy through your own sense of appreciation is so much more important than any other factor.

Connect with Other Women. If lately you’ve been quite catty to your colleagues with competition for the next raise or promotion, then it is most certainly time for you to reconnect with your sisters. Sign up for a women’s workshop or class and reconnect to those women by allowing yourself to be in a safe, non-competitive space with them. Set up a date for your girlfriends for a loving night filled with laughter. It’s good for the soul.


Bagua Center Sisterhood

Bagua Center offers many workshops for women by women. We focus on offering workshops, classes, and tools to empower women (and men) to gain a deeper understanding of your own value, worth and well being through various energy healing techniques.

Connect to you inner goddess with the help of any of our healers.

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