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Have you experienced waking up but then you actually see your body is still laying in bed asleep?  Up to 20% of people had claimed in a survey that they have had an out-of-body experience (OBE) at some points of their lives. The idea that a human can leave their physical bodies is an ancient one.

Many cultures, including ancient Chinese traditions, speak of a spirit-body separation. Astral projection is one of the many forms of spirit-body separation a person can experience. Other references include sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming, the difference between the two being that the latter one is usually deliberately achieved. Sleep paralysis could be considered an uninvited out-of-body experience, which can be interpreted as quite frightening for those who are not expecting it.

In this article, we’ll discuss Astral Travel basics on how to best facilitate and prepare for an out of this world (or body) experience. Join us on May 15, 2016, as a special guides us on a journey through the astral plane with his gentle guidance and mugwort tea.


What is Astral Travel?

Astral travel also known as astral projection. It is an out-of-body experience attained either awake or via lucid dreaming or deep meditation. People who are capable of such usually describe their experience as if their “spirit” or “astral body” left their physical body. The spirit or astral body usually moves to another dimension that is called the “spirit world” or “astral plane”.

The first notion of astral travel originated from the time when man began to think of life after death. The idea that the spirit could detach itself from the physical being and wander away gave rise to the belief that a person continues to live even after death. Based on this concept, the spiritually inclined started to think how the soul can be unlatched from the body and travel to a different plane and acquire worldly knowledge and experiences. Presently, spiritual counselors, and guides help people learn the art of astral travel. It is recognized that even if the soul leaves the body in such a way, it will always finds its way back to the body and conveys with it all the information and experiences of the astral travels.


Getting Started

As you start your first OBE and as you meditate, you should be in a place that you feel safe and relaxed with no distractions. A regular time each day to practice your meditations can help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation. When you feel ready to give it a shot, test the waters during a regular meditation, and halt if you have any feelings of fear. Your fear factor becomes an important gauge for your readiness.

There maybe some fear about getting “lost” or your spirit being unable to “find you body”. This is never the case. A silver cord is what connected the spirit to the body and this cannot be severed or compromised during astral travel; so understanding this factor can help you ease your fears.

Tips for Beginners in Astral Travel

  • Watch over your health. A frail body can actually affect your astral travel.
  • Be comfortable. You can wear loose and comfortable clothing, do sit, recline or lie down. It is very important to lay in a very comfortable position; movement can cause disruption as body must be still as if in a “sleep-like” state while the mind is conscious and awake.
  • Use a blanket or comforter because your body temperature will drop during the OBE.
  • One can try to burn incense, play soft music, focus on a burning candle or sit beside a fountain of water.
  • Practice makes perfect. Try to practice deep breathing in solitude or with someone you trust.
  • Try to completely relax your mind and body.
  • When you’re already out of your body, move away from it so that you won’t be immediately snapped back in.
  • After you have had an astral travel, record your experience and the time you spent outside your body.

Astral travel is a fun and enthralling experience. You may be able to realize that your consciousness lives on after death. The key to a successful OBE for beginners is to move at your own pace and allow the process to flow on its own. Before venturing into this experience, make sure you are protected and vibrating at a high frequency (seen among humans only). Ask your guides, angels and your omnipotent being to protect you.


Astral Travel with Bagua Center 

Want to connect with others that are out of this world and into the higher dimensions? We have plenty of workshops geared to take you to a higher plane. Dig deep into past lives with Catherine Patrick or dive into your Akashic Records with Laura Zaldua and explore your soul’s journeys.

If Astral Travel intrigues you, or if you have questions about other realms that will help you better understand your purpose in this lifetime or accelerate your healing, we recommend scheduling a private session with one of our qualified practitioners for more specific answers to your quest. 

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