April Letter

It’s the month of April, we now move into the season when flowers and trees begin to open and bloom. The earth is awakening from the wintery rest, we transcend into the season of spring where spirit of love is felt through the rays of sunlight, and the beautifully colored birds awaken us with their vibrational whistles, reminding us that the season of rebirth, renewal, and regrowth is upon us.

The programs here at Bagua Center this month reflect those aspects of spring; we have integrated new practitioners to guide you in blossoming into the flower that you are. I am thrilled to introduce Chef Johnny Branningan, he is the author of the bestselling book, titled “EAT taste and heal”. He will be facilitating an Ayurvedic Cooking class with us on April 18th. On my business partner Diana’s birthday, he baked a very delicious cake balanced with different spices. He transformed the notion of a typical cake which is often loaded with calories and sugar with healthier substitutions that truly satisfied all of us. The ingredients I recall from the first bite are Cardamom, goji berries, coconut and hint of cocoa.

Aside from being an amazing chef, he is an exceptional Meditation instructor. Diana and I did a personal and intensive training with him last month, which truly changed our perception about meditation. The form of meditation can be accessible by any individual whether they are beginners or advanced due to Johnny and his method of teaching. He will hold regular meditation classes on Wednesdays starting April 8th. I am very happy to have him at Bagua; we have been waiting for a long time for a Meditation instructor like him. I hope you can all join our sessions with no fear and an open heart.

The regular classes and events at Bagua are opening a wide diversity of services such as New crystal healing, Native American Spirituality, Messages from the Spirit World, Past life Regressions along with Yoga Workshop which will be facilitated by Stacia who has many years of experience in teaching yoga at retreats in Tanzania. Also, Judith Costa will hold two classes this month for self-love and relationship. Furthermore, we have our magical full moon ceremony with Maleokalani. There are immense possibilities for everyone to Create and Expand, the diverse services gives every individual the opportunity to join which ever best fits them.

I am honored to announce the launching of our Empowerment and Healing Academy with two extraordinary trainings. The two trainings are as follows, “Your Magic Career Formula” and “Conscious Creation”. There are almost not enough words to describe the “Your Magic Career Formula” with Dr. Ollga Belova, she is very precise in defining the reasons why you are here through the hand analysis. The training will open your eyes up to the bigger picture, and give you the opportunity to have access to information that truly defines who you are and what you are meant to achieve in this lifetime.

“Conscious Creation” with my business partner Diana Arango will lead you to a deeper communion of WHO YOU REALLY ARE. She will help you in opening yourself to the flow of Creation. Conscious Creation teaches us how to flow in harmony with who you are through deep energetic activations and the Awakening of your Inner Self. The more you expand the unity with yourself the more you are able to Create you Reality Consciously and manifest your desired outcomes.

The last but not least, you are all invited to Daniela De Mari’s and Breathe of Life concert on the 25th of April. Those of who have yet to attend her concert do not miss this opportunity. We are truly blessed to have them here. Let’s join together to experience a blissful opening of our heart through her voice, to experience an ecstatic joy and devotion to the Divine.

Much love and light for all of you always,

May Bagua unite us all.

Claudia Aros,

The owner of Bagua Center

April 1, 2015

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