88 Numerology Lionsgate Activation Energy

Lionsgate is a portal that is activated every year on August 8th.

The Lionsgate 88 Portal is activated by the numerology of the number 88, the Sun is in Leo, and the star Sirius is rising. On this day the overall energy on Earth is more sensitive and susceptible to honor your most confident and infinite self. August 8th is a great day for manifesting the success you want in your life, so if you’re all about mindfulness and manifesting use the energy of Lionsgate to make your dreams come true. This day is a great day to either start or remind yourself just how powerful you are.

The History of 8/8

While celebrating the activation of the Lionsgate portal is popular within many Western modern spiritual practices, 8/8 has been considered a spiritual date for thousands of years. On this date the star of Sirius rises and aligns with the sun and was significant in many ancient cultures. “Civilizations as far back as the Dogon tribe of Africa, Sumer, and Ancient Egypt tracked the Sirius star system across the sky” says Shaman Laura Brown. “The movement of Sirius aligning with Earth coincides with the Orion constellation aligning perfectly with the Pyramids of Giza, creating a trinity of alignments which open the Lionsgate portal.”

The Numerology Behind 8/8

While understanding the history of this date is significant, it is also very important to take note of the numerology behind it as well. Of all the numbers in Numerology, the number 8 is the achiever and measures life by the goals it reaches. It has good structure of business sense, a powerful presence, and a strong drive for success. In Chinese culture the number 8 is one of the luckiest numbers, and represents wealth, fortune and prosperity. The Chinese love this number, especially during life changing moments like buying a house or a new car with a new license plate.

The significance of the number 8 in numerology is also tied to the meaning with astrology. The fixed star Sirius, in astrology is associated with wealth, passion, honor, fame and riches. Our Central Sun is all about confidence, willpower and self-expression. So, the fact that Sirius will align with the sun in Leo is important too as Leo represents confident, passionate, fire energy.

How you can work with the energy of 8/8

Every year Bagua Center honors this very day by hosting an event to recognize and honor the energies of the great portal 8/8. Claudia Aros, owner of Bagua Center hosts the Lionsgate Portal and demonstrates many practices that help you manifest your great future. She does this by helping us balance our inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, transmuting light codes, and sharing sacred mantas. The overall event will have you feeling rejuvenated, alive, and more confident with manifesting your future and aligning with your Authentic Self.

Please click here and connect with Claudia Aros and her love for numerology.

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