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Self Love Mastery

The Language of Love

Love is such a powerful word. It could make you or break you. When it stands alone, you could see how beautiful it is. But when it starts to be associated to a relationship, it begins to flourish and as well as cause a myriad of emotions which can become the weak point in a relationship.

Although we tend to associate romantic partners in regards to relationships, in reality, relationships are present with our friends, families, co-workers, and business partners, as well as ourselves.


Give Love Unconditionally

Admit it or not, you have your own idea of what love is, and how relationships should work. Somewhere behind your head, you set expectations not only to yourself but to the people you love. Yet, love can never be an expectation game. Love is unconditional. And when you truly love a person, you don’t expect anything in return at all. You yourself are a source of love, and you should give it away freely. In loving unconditionally, your happiness is not measured by the love you receive from others. Just give love, accept the way they are and don’t ask them to ever change.


Love Yourself First

There is only one Love, and there are millions of ways to show it. In love, the very start of the journey begins with the self. To be able to love others truly and unconditionally, take a minute to reflect how you love yourself. Before you love others, you should as well love yourself the same way. You could learn how to forgive others, if you know how to forgive yourself. You see, if you still have fears or unresolved issues how could you even give love to others when you can’t give it to yourself? If you had already begun with yourself, then you are confident enough that you could love others in a million ways you could imagine.


How to have Long Lasting Relationships

Relationships involve two parties who commits to each other in terms of a long lasting love. It involves a great work of sacrifice, care and attention for the one you love with mutual support and understanding.

Relationships are not as perfect as what you think, because humans are not perfect as well. You could actually write millions and millions of books about the success of relationships. But, it takes two people to actually and mutually commit to one another to make the relationship work where the both of them are happy.


One key ingredient to a successful relationship is respect. It is inevitable that in a relationship there will be differences. A healthy and happy relationship need not mean that both of you should always agree on all things; that one should watch the very same TV channel, or play the same sports and never have disagreements. The opposite is true in truly allowing the other person to maintain autonomy in personal preferences, and finding love and acceptance in those differences is what keeps relationships healthy. This allows the individual in the both of you to exist the way you really are, without trying to control or fix each other. Just be honest to each other, and nothing could not ever be fixed by actually communicating with each other. And despite of the differences there is love that could move mountains and conquer the world.



Master Self Love

In this challenging generation of ours, how do we ever know that we are capable of loving another person truly, deeply and passionately? Where could we ask questions about love and relationships without those judgmental look in their eyes? Find answers and solutions to make your relationships work with others and yourself with transformational coach and author, Brian Satori Piergrossi on his Life Artist Mastery Workshop. During this day by day workshop, you will learn to transform the relationships you have with yourself and others, learn tools and techniques to understand and love yourself in a new and lasting way, manage stress and anxiety, and learn to “flow” with yourself, instead of against yourself. You’ll learn to be more “you”, more of the time and discover how your authentic self will guide you to your life’s purpose – this will not only improve the relationship you have with yourself, but with those that are most important to you as well. Don’t miss this special 7 day course with Brian Satori Piergrossi at Bagua Center.




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