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The Point of No Return.

This year we reach the point in this journey at which we cannot go back. We are taking the last steps into the evolution and opening up into the new era of consciousness by calling back the memories of Lemurian.

The winter solstice is a time of quiet energy, where you get the opportunity to look within yourself and focus on what you want and need. It’s a time to set goals and intentions for the coming year, to examine and let go of the past, and to make changes within yourself. The solstice is essentially tied to a personal awakening.

Traditional celebrations have marked the winter solstice for centuries, and some continue today.
Historically, many cultures around the world have celebrated or acknowledged the importance of the winter solstice, and there is significant mythology around it.

Join us this Special Winter Solstice on 2021, to celebrate the Point of No Return. By centering and rising the vibration through meditation, and sound.

You will receive:

  • Energy Healing & Light Codes led by Claudia Aros
  • Sound Healing by Alex Lucien

Essentially, the winter solstice is the beginning of the returning to the light, Now is a perfect time to look at your calendar and schedule some time for yourself to be quiet, rest, and reflect on this past year and contemplate what you will create for yourself in 2022.

You may bring your sacred tools such as crystals and essential oils to recharge during this event.

Cheers to new beginnings and see you here the 21st!

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