Smoky Quartz - Brazil | Clarifies Communication

Smoky Quartz - Brazil | Clarifies Communication

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A Stone of Soul

Psychic cleaning, problem solving, success, and anti-negativity.

Brownish-gray translucency results from natural irradiation creating free silicon within this quartz crystal. Smoky Quartz helps to live in the present moment. Good for organizational skills, it clears up miscommunications, opens up the paths of perception.

Enjoy the earthly power of the Smokey Quartz transformer crystal and talisman. Transmute negativity, bringing focus and centering with calming energy. Smoky Quartz is a very popular grounding crystal. It is used to absorb and neutralize harmful radiation, negative energy and interacts as an anchor to balance your bodies energy and mind.

Our tumbled stones are smooth, polished, and vibrant in color. Each tumbled stone is individually unique.

Being a product of nature sizes and shapes will vary. 

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