Quartz with Lepidolite , Calcite and Tourmaline

Quartz with Lepidolite , Calcite and Tourmaline

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This sensational piece combines the acceptance of Lepidolite, the cleansing energy of Calcite and the grounding properties of Tourmaline. 

Lepidolite is associated with the heart chakra, healing it by neutralizing the pain of deeply felt wounds. This is the stone of acceptance that balances the emotions and the conscious mind, building a pathway for our souls feelings and the our higher minds to unite. The stone of transition, Lepidolite releases and recognizes patterns of stress and depression that need to be released, dissipating any negativity.

White Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy, grounding you and bringing joy and light heartedness into your life. It helps balance emotions, boost your memory, calm your mind and alleviate stress. White Calcite also helps overcome laziness by increasing and stimulating your energy. It is a very spiritual stone that is linked to the higher consciousness, aiding spiritual development.

Black Tourmaline are truly symbols of strength, it is so strong that many crystal healers believe it is strong enough to over come addictions. It helps eliminate negative thoughts that can potentially be harmful to the person and excessive worrying. 

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