Within all of us lie the seeds of courage, compassion, and love, just waiting to be planted.

What is Conscious, Connected Breathwork?

Breath is one of the most powerful and accessible healing tools on the planet. When we change the way we breathe consciously or unconsciously, our whole body-mind changes immediately and profoundly as well.

Conscious, connected breathwork is a therapeutic breathing technique that deepens awareness and accelerates healing. Through the breath, we cultivate greater resilience in the nervous system while integrating past experiences, shock, trauma, emotions, chronic stress, and residual compensations. This trauma-sensitive approach aims to meet each person where they are. While also inviting the possibility for profound and insightful dives into non-ordinary states of consciousness. 

Somatic Breath Therapy is a combination of counseling, body-mind integrative techniques, guided breathwork, Reiki energy healing, and music. Breathwork can serve as a catalyst for resolving suffering and revitalizing the heart and soul. 

What is a session like?
Somatic Breath Therapy sessions are personalized to your specific needs. Sessions typically involve conscious connected breathwork, counseling, body-mind integrative therapies, Reiki, and music. 
We spend the first 30-40 minutes in dialogue to deepen awareness of your body, emotions, and beliefs. If you’re working with me for the first time, you will be introduced to the breathing technique, how it functions and what’s possible. During the guided breathwork journey, music will accompany you, along with the loving flow of Reiki Energy. You will be supported to welcome all that arises. The last 10-15 minutes is space for you to rest, integrate, and share. I may offer you optional home-play to enhance your integration. Breathwork is a practice that you can return to again and again to cultivate resilience in your living experience. Every session is unique and cumulatively transformative. 

Please note all appointments are subject to change. If the date and time you would like is not available please contact us at (305) 757-9857 Thank you.