Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

A Soul’s Journey Into Past Lives

Access the fascinating journey into your past lives to discover and heal.  It is very easy and very safe; you are in control. Our professional practitioner Catherine Patrick will guide you through it.

She will take you on a journey into your past lives, to discover whom in your past lives has played an important role in your life today.

The soul is eternal, and we have all lived many lives, often reincarnating within the same close circle of people. Our souls have experienced many lives in different bodies, different cultures and at different times. Past-life regression is the process of going back to these earlier lives through a guided visualization. Clients have discovered the origins of important relationships with key people in their lives.  This helps us affirm the love and bond between them that stretches over lifetimes.  It also sheds light on more challenging relationships and the negative patterns that get repeated again, and again.  This is releases deep routed relationship dynamics and is very healing.

Trained in Past-Life Regression Therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Catherine will guide you gently on your journey.

Please note all appointments are subject to change. If the date and time you would like is not available please contact us at (305) 757-9857 Thank you.