Life and Soul Healing

Life and Soul Healing

Life and Soul Healing is a wonderfully healing experience to get you feeling happy, healthy and back on track with a life you love…It’s both practical and spiritual.

Whether you are experiencing crippling anxiety, intense grief after a breakup, self-esteem and confidence issues, relationships or career issues, weight loss issues, depression or just life becoming overwhelming, Life and Soul Healing can help you successfully navigate through them, heal, and confidently come out the other side so that you can create and live a life you love.

What is Life and Soul Healing?

  • Holistic Coaching
  • Guided Visualization / Healing Hypnosis
  • Reiki Healing with crystals
  • Angel Card Reading

We use real talk and very specific coaching tools to release what’s no longer beneficial, and what you need to do to get you back on track. We do a three card Angel Reading to access messages and guidance from your Higher Self, Reiki energy work to cleanse and balance your energy field, and while in a state of deep peace, create powerful internal shifts at the subconscious level using guided meditation and healing hypnosis.

Please note all appointments are subject to change. If the date and time you would like is not available please contact us at (305) 757-9857 Thank you.