Drumming and Dreaming Meditation

Drumming and Dreaming Meditation

What is Drumming & Dreaming?

Drumming and Dreaming is an experience where one gets to connect with and heal unresolved past experiences and self-limiting beliefs. The client takes the role of an archaeologist and goes on a symbolic excavation of the soul and returns with artifacts/memories of meaning that shed light on current circumstances. Through the practices of whole body awareness, eye gazing, authentic sharing, and shamanic drumming, a sacred space is created for the soul to convey information that the personality may have a limited understanding or remembrance of. Such information can be then associated with current day struggles and challenges. The old cliché of “things happen for a reason” can be clarified and root causes of pain and suffering can be discovered. Through Shamanic drum journeying/guided meditation, clients will be guided to those parts of themselves needing to be reclaimed and healed. This work is intended for those who feel stuck in their bodies, their thought patterns, and in counter-productive patterns of behavior. The benefits of this session are renewed self-confidence, creativity, clarity, motivation, emotional honesty and a palpable sense of interconnectedness.

The long-term potential of this work is to connect strongly to your Dharma, to generate a livelihood from one’s creativity, to shift the inner world and cease the need to force change in the outer world and expect results to arrive in that way.

The session flows as follows: 20-30 min of deep sharing by the client, followed by a drum journey for 30-45 minutes), where the client rests in seated or reclined meditation and the facilitator guides the drum journey/guided visualization. The remainder of the session is spent discussing the insights gained and processing/documenting the journey.

Please note all appointments are subject to change. If the date and time you would like is not available please contact us at (305) 757-9857 Thank you.