Amethyst with Lepidolite 9kg

Amethyst with Lepidolite 9kg

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This combination Amethyst/Lepidolite unites the calming qualities of Amethyst with the healing properties of Lepidolite. 

Amethyst calms, sharpens intellect and encourages leadership. While also promoting spiritual growth and protection. Amethysts dispels insomnia, treats inflammation and any disorders of the body. It is also a great stone for mental clarity, intuition and physic ability. Helps with connecting your third eye chakra while reducing negative energetic feelings.

Lepidolite is associated with the heart chakra, healing it by neutralizing the pain of deeply felt wounds. This is the stone of acceptance that balances the emotions and the conscious mind, building a pathway for our souls feelings and the our higher minds to unite. The stone of transition, Lepidolite releases and recognizes patterns of stress and depression that need to be released, dissipating any negativity.

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