Amazonite – Brazil | Balance

Amazonite – Brazil | Balance

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Courage and Truth

Well-known in early b.c., throughout India, Egypt, Sudan and Mesopotamia, this powerful talisman brings ancient healing and prosperity. Known for maintaining good health, a healer, helpful in balancing the metabolic processes for bones and calcium. Also useful for treating lack of desire to sexual obsessions and disorder such as impotence organ failures and childbirth issues.

Soothe trauma and calm the mind

As a seeker- use to bring emotional balance and inward self-disciplines, establishing healthy inward and outward relations and relationships. Bring your communications chakra and angelic realm into alignment creating a bridge with you throat chakra and all chakras. The energy will unblock and naturally release your lower chakras enabling free expression and higher truths.

Protection | The blue-green hue of the Amazonite crystal

Meditation | Empowers yourself to manifest dreams and intuitions

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