Shiva Yoni Set

Shiva Yoni Set

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Shiva lingam translates to ‘Shiva’s sign”. It is the symbolic form of the god Shiva, the divinity without form, the source of the universe, the infinite into which everything merges at the end of time.

The yoni tray represents the womb, femininity.

The Shiva Lingam on the yoni tray is a perfect male-female representation, that form of creation and reception.

The stones are found naturally in only one place on earth at only one time of year. Every year at a certain time of year these stones wash up on shore that have been tumbled in the riverbed, which are then crafted into the egg shape by local artisans. They are considered very sacred and powerful in Indian culture and seen as a symbol of fertility.  The Narmada River has had a dam built in it, which will make the supplies of the Shiva Lingam more scarce as the natural water flow has been interrupted.

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