Please, pay attention to the policies and guidelines below when visiting Bagua Center.
We will follow all government mandates for social distancing, capacity, and the wearing of masks.

• Masks are REQUIRED to enter our Center. You must have your mask on at all times, covering your nose and mouth, during any class, event, or private appointment.
• Social Distancing is an action taken to stop or slow the spread of COVID-19. It limits face-to-face contact, thus decreasing the chance of spreading the virus. Please, respect the social distancing of 6 feet apart between people.
• We will continue with our virtual classes/events/privates and slowly return to our normal schedule, as we feel safer over time.
• Attendance for on-site classes and events are now reduced to a certain number of people. Thus, please register in advance. No exceptions after we reach the maximum capacity.
• No mats, blankets, cushions, straps, blocks will be loaned out at this time. All clients must bring their own props. We are selling mats at the store if needed!

If you are looking for an in depth, one on one session that truly facilitates your inner healing journey, private sessions are for you.

Bagua Center will coordinate sessions, usually lasting 60 -120 minutes depending on the type of session, for you and your practitioner to hold space together and explore the journey of healing, love and light in a safe, serene space.

Private Sessions range from energetic healing utilizing ancient techniques in chakra balancing, reiki, quantum healing and vibrational healing therapies as well as transformational life coaching on finding love and attaining your goals.

All of our practitioners are professional healers with years of experience and plenty of certifications and training hours to back up their practice. Many of our practitioners have also obtained numerous hours of training with the masters of their field, as well as obtained their Masters degree or Doctorate in traditional universities to serve as a basis for their extended studies. You can trust that the private session you receive is professional, loving and always geared toward your individual experience.