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Fernando Subirats


Fernando’s Mission is to help uncover dormant desires within the individual and to ignite an inner symbolic flame around creative manifestation. To connect the individual to their true Nature by exposing them to conscious work (preferably within Nature). To carefully examine current habits and beliefs that are inhibiting and/or promoting success and self-reliance.


As a young child, Fernando demonstrated an innate ability to help others. He was frequently commented on by teachers and caregivers as to his kind nature and willingness to help. At a young age, he was introduced to Astrology, Astronomy, Traditional world music and 6th sense perception by his mother. At the age of 18 he had a very strong karmic episode which led him to travel to India to study Indian music, namely the Tabla drums, with several great masters. He also developed a yoga and meditation practice during this time as well as having experienced many spontaneous and highly lucid dreams. In 2016 his passion for Meditation and Drumming intertwined with the birth of Drumming & Dreaming. Part sharing circle, part dream interpretation and journaling, and mostly Shamanic drumming meditation journey, Fernando brings the indigenous art of shamanic dreaming to our modern community. Drumming & Dreaming has been hosted by Miami’s most notable spiritual centers such as Innergy Meditation and Sacred Space yet finds its home at the Bagua Center. 


  • Associate in Arts in Music Performance and Music Recording, Miami-Dade College, 1995.
  • 200 hour certification in Gentle & Therapeutic Yoga, 2003
  • Soul Focused Healing Level 1 Training, 2005
  • Pandit Sharda Sahai Vidyalay Tabla Certification, 2007.
  • Insight work with Chet Alexander of the Nityananda Center, 2007-2009, Current
  • Breathwork with Elijah Nisenboim of Effiji Breath, July 2014-August 2015
  • Active Dreaming with Robert Moss, Jan-April 2017