We hope you’re as excited as we are for STARGATE OF THE HEART…DIVINE DISPENSATIONS OF RAREFIELD GRACE with KA’ryna SH’ha & Gaspar MagiStar that happens TOMORROW.

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  1. Set a calendar reminder, if you haven’t yet done so. Your event starts promptly at 12:33 pm pacific / 3:33 pm eastern on Sunday, November 22, 2015.
  2. Bookmark the link below that provides all the information you will need to connect to the event via computer or iPhone/iPad with internet connection (iPhone 5 and after only)
  3. Plan to be in a quiet location during the event with a journal and a pen nearby as you will want to take notes.

Through, STARGATE OF THE HEART…DIVINE DISPENSATIONS OF RAREFIELD GRACE you’ll discover how as we enter The 7 Gates of Love, Navigate The 7 C’s of Consciousness, and Activate The 7 Bodies of Being To receive and transmit Manna (Holy Radiant Light) as we enter sacred space of what the ancients sages and seers called “Manuvantara” the Atma (Wisdom) of our Auspicious Nature.

Plus, KA`ryna SH`ha and Gaspar Magistar, united twin-flame partners, will share their combined embodiments of the “Secret Teachings of the Heart Masters“.

You’ll discover. . .

  • Stargates… Open the dimensions
  • Portals…. Dilate the Heart
  • Bridges…Unite us All
  • Beings…Contain the All
  • Alchemical Activations

It all happens this SUNDAY, November 22nd at 12:33 pm PT / 3:33 pm ET.

Here is how you connect:

If you don’t have Google Chrome in your computer or IOS phone/tablet you should download it first.

On your IOS phone or tablet, download Google Chrome app.


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You can join the workshop via computer or IOS iPhone 5 or later and iPad

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Once downloaded the app you will be able to just click on the link below and connect to the event

Below you will find the link for IOS access (iPhone or iPad):

1)    Click on this link:

IOS Live Event

2)    Click on the 2nd link where it says CLICK TO VIEW LIVE INTERACTIVE ON IOS

3)    You will be asked: Open In “MySecureMeeting”? Click where it says Open



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