Travin Nesta


Travin Nesta is a certified Gamma Breathwork Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, and Life Coach.


His mission is to assist others along their path of deep healing, connecting to their true essence and remembering who they truly are.


Having grown up in an impoverished household, Travin learned that life doesn’t always deal you the best cards. He experienced a difficult childhood, moving out at an early age and learning to parent himself and survive on his own. He realized that there is so much suffering in the world and that his individual experience was just an aspect of this.

Travin felt the call to be of service and to help people realize that they are not alone, to be a beacon of light, to encourage others to take action for themselves and their communities, to encourage people to heal together, to lean on each other for support, and to walk each other home. There is no such thing as a “bad” situation –– there is wisdom to be gained in all situations as long as we are seeking growth.


Travin went on a long path of self-discovery and healing. Meditation and breathwork have been two of the biggest tools that helped him to truly transform his life. Having experienced the power of breathwork himself, he sought out and received training and certification in a unique breathing modality called Gamma Breathwork.

What People are saying about Joshua

“My experience with Travin was incredible! He guided me through a powerful breathwork journey, helping me to release and reframe some deeply held memories that were no longer serving me. Highly recommend! Thank you for your help, Travin.” –– Daniella G

“Travin is a privilege to work with!! He is inspiring, uplifting, so if you want to change get ready, he doesn’t play around!” –– Claudia E

“As someone who’s struggled with various addictions in his life, Travin was a life saver. He’s ability to look past the materiality of life, and forget about the preconceived notions society has set for us is part of what makes working with Travin special. He can light up any room and is always there to listen and help you through your problems. Travin still calls me everyday to check up and talk through my goals. Working with Travin is an investment in your life you will not regret!” –– Shabbir J