TJ Blacknall is a devoted lover of the arts, who considers herself the ‘image of words’ has been submerged in Fine Arts dating back to 1999. Her mother is an accomplished poet, author, and dancer. Her father a music mixologist and dancer. TJ’s main outlet is to interpret her life experiences in a decorative and practical way. Her primary disciplines are defined as photography, drawing, sculpture, dance education, performing arts, and literature. Her family traveled throughout Southern California sharing their creative works, facilitating at-home showcases and monthly performances at art events. TJ’s experiences are major influences on her ability to provide phenomenal henna art pieces. She describes her process of henna preparation as ritualistic and heart-centered focused. Each batch is prepared with intentional love and passion with new batches made under the New moon and Full moon cycles.

With great determination and devotion, TJ is self-taught in each medium, referring to feedback from professionals, mentors, and intense study sessions. She spends hours researching her craft and on personal development. The quality of her artistic henna experiences is well-equipped with authenticity, integrity, and legitimacy.


Young Black Living Henna Art focuses on adorning the hands, arms, legs, and feet with extraordinary henna-based designs that uplift the spirits of each client looking to accessorize in a unique way. From flower clusters to ornamental jewelry to tribal style works, what better way to temporarily wear your favorite custom pieces?

Floral custom designs are best crafted with homemade natural, reddish/auburn henna paste. 3D realistic, tribal designs are best crafted with hand-mixed, blue/black Jagua paste.

Henna powders are shipped straight from North Africa/Middle Eastern regions whereas Jagua powder derives from Central America. Both design styles and mediums are all-natural and interchangeable to meet your aesthetic needs.


My mission is to enhance people’s lives through enjoyment, creativity, henna insight, and inspiration through Young Black Living Henna Art. I aim to provide quality, effortless henna application, and information while leaving minimal impact on Earth. This is accomplished while providing outstanding customer service during the creation of unique art while making a difference in the community.


My vision is to bring exemplary service to every customer and client interaction and to feel and be felt, and to provide a variety of unorthodox henna designs.

I seek to bring spiritual-based henna art driven by success, quality, and integrity. Each day brings another opportunity to develop the arts, overcome obstacles, and create opportunities to love further.