Stephi is a nature lover, a motivator, a positive thinker and believer, a connector, a creative mind, an atmosphere creator and meditator.

“Breathe in life” is her slogan and she means it -> living the life we have fully, authentically with joy and love, breathing in every moment and reconnecting with nature.

Her mission is to help people gain inner contentment. Using their own breath to de-stress and to go beyond the busy head and return to their heart, balance, love, trust, relaxation and joy.

Working as a photographer the past 15 years, I looked at many faces, observing body language, characters, egos, souls and relationships. Authentic portraits and lifestyle images were always my favourite, especially when shot outside. Seeing the difference of people being free and content as they are and others being self-critic, ruled by their false minds, I decided to work on a deeper level than capturing the moment – with the goal to have more humans living with that glow in their eyes and heart.

She started with herself first, moving from an overwhelming mind into inner knowing and calmness. Breathwork found her and in her very first session, she had such a profound transformation that she now holds space for others and creates beautiful experiences.

Stephi is a trained breathwork facilitator with Clarity Breathwork™ and certified Theta Healer™. She explored and studied different coaching techniques, NLP, ancient practices, manifestation, mindset, Joe Dispenza, vedic meditation, yoga nidra, movement, pranayama and energy work. She focused and created her services based on what helped me most.