Is the co-author of two personal development books and is now working on her own book to help people who are grieving. After the loss of her son, Levi, she began a spiritual quest to meet him where he is and to communicate with him through the two states in which they both live. After receiving many messages from her son, she began to understand her higher purpose and knew that she had a responsibility to help others who are grieving. Her process is to help people cope with grief through creating a daily spiritual practice for communicating with their loved ones in spirit.


Her mission to help people learn how to ask for and receive messages from their loved ones in spirit, with or WITHOUT a medium. To help them clear any negative energy in their lives, and to embrace their higher purpose. Our loved ones in spirit can communicate with us when we open our hearts and allow ourselves to raise our consciousness.


Over the last 7 years, Schall has received many  messages from her son Levi. From the day Levi transitioned, she felt that it was a spiritual experience, although a very painful one. As she began to ask for and receive messages from her son, it helped her to see grief through this spiritual perspective. She began to lean into it and started focusing on building a relationship with her son through the two states they both live in. Schall still on the physical side of life and Levi living on the spiritual side of life.

Her mission is to share what she’s learned through these messages with others who may be grieving to help them connect with their loved ones on the other side. Schall herself is not a medium, even though she has learned how to ask for and receive messages from her son. Through this process she has created a spiritual practice for connecting with loved ones on the other side that anyone can learn to do.

In teaching others how to connect with their loved ones, Schall helps people understand that we are all receivers for consciousness. It does not emanate from our physical bodies. Because we are receiving consciousness, we are receiving spirit. Spirit is able to influence physical beings. Schall teaches people to be conscious and aware so that they can identify when spirit is moving them to see something.

The loss of a loved one is itself a spiritual experience because we are forever connected to them on a soul level. We are simply souls having a physical experience here and we all return to spirit – to consciousness unrestrained by our physical bodies.

Our loved ones want us to complete our mission here. To clear the negative forces from our lives and to embrace our higher purpose. When we allow grief to move to a more peaceful place it opens us up to being all we were meant to be.