Certified health and wellness coach, yoga instructor, meditator, kabbalah student and Reiki practitioner.


My mission is to encourage people to live with balance through the highs and lows of life. Just like waves in the ocean being carried away, appearing and changing forms. Temporary events bring excitement, stress and shape our looks on reality. The way we flow through will determine our wellbeing in this lifetime.

Practicing inner peace, learning how to breathe through challenges and becoming the observer of our own thoughts can help us create a strong body-mind-universe connection to find balance and harmony in all areas and situations.


In the universe there are neither shortcuts nor many rules. It is infinite, expanding and while all the answers already exist within us the mind can only understand to it’s human limitations, personally I find it fascinating to explore!

There are many ways and tools to tap into this amazing universal intelligence, different practices reveal glimpse to REALITY. When committing and following a path (even if changes along the way) we reveal growth and potential as individuals and universal. Then we can shine our lights brighter where it’s needed most.

By loving and healing ourselves we shift in all areas of life, we eat healthier, doing physical and mental practices, talking nicer to ourselves, becoming better neighbors or just smiling and laughing more.

It help us move closer towards living in our true nature, true selves.

Like everything else that needs love and attention we must water our gardens and nourish ourselves, be students, explore and be curious, experiment and make mistakes, it’s all part of the journey!


Being in the modeling industry over ten years, focusing on looking good over feeling good, eventually brought me to path of self-search and turning inwards, first it wasn’t for answers but to ask the right questions about what matter to me. I decided to study nutrition and wellness, in 2013 got certified as a health coach and worked with individuals towards making healthy life changes. Yoga was already religiously my work out routine, which organically became my spiritual practice, my therapy and a place to calm the busy mind. It’s magic opened my mind to the world of infinity. I continued to learn meditation, Reiki (at BAGUA Center), and completed 200h yoga training in Miami Beach.

I’m passionate about bringing people closer to integrating their inner and outer world, helping souls heal by moving bodies and expanding consciousness.