Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Color Therapist, Psychic Medium

Nathalie is a compassionate healer and Reiki Master with an extensive training in sound therapy, chromo therapy, energy healing, and other modalities of healing arts. During the past three years, she has deepened her knowledge in Health Sciences and Oriental Medicine.

She has made it her mission to spread hope to others by sharing her personal story of overcoming trauma and abuse, and how she turned those wounds into inner strength and growth. She made it her mission to help women to heal and awake in a compassionate and powerful way. Her lectures appeal to those who are looking for inspiring messages on empowerment of women, and reflect her conviction as a woman determined to rise.

Nathalie has established her practice in Miami, where she offers sound therapy, color therapy, and women empowerment workshops. She believes in the profound effect of sounds and movement, as in the performance of instruments in unison with the universe to enhance the natural body’s ability to heal itself.