• Simplified, organized and applied multi-disciplinary metaphysical principles to tarot
  • Created a technique called Mental Alchemy to promote self-awareness and mental liberation
  • Successfully deprogrammed & reprogrammed my subconscious mind of 50+ limiting beliefs
  • Balanced emotions, logic & intuition for heightening awareness
  • Graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Self-taught tarot reader
  • Certified Life Coach


Facilitate in raising the vibration of the collective consciousness by promoting self-awareness to heal trauma, stop drama and end karma.


As a child, people were drawn to me and just started telling me their problems and I didn’t know what to do other than to listen. I also suffered from chronic low-self-esteem and couldn’t help myself! I realized, “something is wrong here, this is not the way life is supposed to be”. I so desperately wanted to change but felt something was stopping me.

I personally know what it feels like to be completely stuck, trapped, lost and frustrated! I thought to myself, if I can help fix me then I know I can help others. Several teachers’ and preachers prophesized that I would be a healer but I had no idea how! Despite being born into Christianity, no one could provide answers to the questions I had so I went to search for the answers myself. On my path to feeling better, I discovered amazing information that answered a lot of the questions I had and I wanted to know more.

Study of the mystic arts led to more knowledge but no wisdom: I never applied the knowledge I knew and I suffered more because of it. During the dark night of the soul when my world fell apart, I learned to apply the information to my mind and life which produced wisdom! I started to understand why I was stuck, how my mind and beliefs created the problem and what shifts I needed to make to create the breakthroughs I desired.

When I emerged on the other side, I gained a profound sense of self-awareness that allowed me to continuously update my beliefs and use spiritual law to affect my reality. Through the process, I realized no amount of healing, magic, crystals, massages, sound bowls and prayers were going to substitute self-awareness.

I realized that self-awareness is a completely learnable skillset, a tool and the master key to strategically create change, achieve goals, solve problems and heal the self.

I am committed and dedicated to promoting self-awareness to build positive patterns and upgrade the collective consciousness through tarot readings, life coaching, live training, speaking engagements and creation of training materials to help others build the habit of self-awareness.


  • Studied metaphysics for 11 years
  • Certified Life & Transformation Coach- Universal Coaching Institute 2015
  • Certified Life Coach- Robbins-Madness Training 2018
  • Three years tarot reading experience
  • Three years coaching experience